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Polaris RZR 570 & RZR S 570 ROV Recall [US]

US/Washington: Polaris recalls an estimated an estimated 1,160 RZR 570 and RZR S 570 Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles due to suspected front brake detachment and consequential crash and injury hazards. 576 more words


Family Says Fidget Spinner Caught Fire While Charging

Fidget spinners and hoverboards don’t have much in common on the surface, but they might be more alike than you think: Both are (or were) uber-popular toys for kids, appeared on the streets almost overnight, and… 339 more words

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Science Expeditions Science Kit Recall [US & Canada]

US/Washington & Canada/Ottawa: Little Passports recalls an estimated 7,700 Science Expeditions Northern Lights Science Kits due to risk of overheating and consequential fire and burns, both serious health and safety hazards. 511 more words

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TJX/HomeGoods Beer Mug Recall [US & Canada]

US/Washington & Canada/Ottawa: TJX recalls an estimated 2,000 Glass Beer Mugs due to risk of breakage and/or shattering and consequential burn, laceration and injury hazards. 556 more words

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Core Health & Fitness Exercise Machine Recall [US]

US/Washington: Core Health & Fitness recalls an estimated 3,600 Inspiration Cable Cross Over and Dual Adjustable Pulley Exercise Machines installed primarily in fitness centers and gyms due to suspected carriage assembly detachment failure and consequential risk of equipment fall, impact and injury hazards. 447 more words


TOMY Lamaze Chipmunk Toy Recall [US & Canada]

US/Washington & Canada/Ottawa: TOMY International recalls an estimated 14,000 TOMY Lamaze Munching Max Chipmunk Toys due to Component Breakthrough and consequential risk of Laceration, all serious health and safety hazards. 537 more words

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Nidec Motor Swimming Pool Motor Recall [US & Canada]

US/Washington and Canada/Ottawa: Nidec Motor recalls an estimated 16,022 Swimming Pool Motors due to risk of electrical shock and consequential injury hazards.

CPSC: http://ht.ly/bwxp30dAtVh; HCSC: … 503 more words

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