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What is Thermal Throttling?

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re using your iMac or MacBook and it’s going really fast when multitasking such as video or photo editing or maybe just watching a movie while surfing the web and writing a paper. 325 more words

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AWS EC2 CPU (in)consistency – Part 4. A fix : disable half vCPU ?

In prior post in this series ( older posts: part1, part2, part3 ) I used simple integer increment shell test demonstrating that Amazon EC2 Linux instances exhibit inconsistent vCPU speeds whenever number of processes actively running on CPU becomes greater than half of available vCPU. 1,301 more words

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AWS EC2 CPU (in)consistency - Part 3. Simple Shell test.

In this blog post I will describe a simple shell script for measuring CPU consistency.

In my prior tests I used sqlplus sessions running a CPU-intensive SQL in parallel background processes. 1,230 more words

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AWS RDS and EC2 CPU performance (in)consistency - Part 2

After discovering that in my prior tests there was significant variable factor of sqlplus session connect time (which still needs to be researched but this is for a later time), I decided to try and isolate this factor so that the test would be focused more on sql elapsed time as a measure of CPU performance. 995 more words

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AWS RDS and EC2 CPU performance (in)consistency

After our company decided to join public cloud bandwagon and move its databases to AWS, I got curious of what exactly we are getting in terms of CPU performance in RDS or EC2. 717 more words

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