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Solving my Badbreath with a Linux Mint

Installed cpufrequtils, cpufreq-indicator, rcconf. Disabled ondemand, cpu frequency change. Installed conky, but I haven’t got it to look cool (yet – no time to mess around with it). 40 more words


Overheating Linux Laptops

As laptops age their cooling effeciency goes down due to dirt/dust.  You may try cleaning them out but sometimes there is still more dust then when new.   755 more words

System Administration

How to control CPU frequency?

When CPUs run in full throttle for certain amount of time, temperature of CPUs increase gradually until it shuts down the system for destroying itself. 421 more words


How to prevent CPU overheating?

While I was encoding a MPEG4 video file to avi using avidemux, the cpu temperature climbed over 120 degrees Celsius, then it shut down the system. 213 more words


The DM1z, Arch Linux, cpufrequtils, cpufreq-set, and proof that I am extremely lazy.

Setting up powersaving on a laptop can be a chore. If you’re like me, you’ll probably just ignore everything else (suspend, hibernate, standby, lid thingies, hard drive spindowns, etc) except CPU frequency scaling. 223 more words


Infostructure Notes: An E-meter for Intel Hell?

Some shoot heroin, fish, knit or bowl.

When I am feeling fidgety and lacking in outlets for my nervous energy, I start doing things to my Linux machine that tend to break it, then spend days rummaging through user forums in search of ways to unbreak it. 1,008 more words

Cpufreq utils packaged for slackware 13 x64


slackware 13 64 bit packages

This is only a package created using makepkg in slackware 13, 64bit
For the source please see http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/utils/kernel/cpufreq/cpufrequtils.html

Original author : Dominik Brodowski