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Jardin de Reuilly-Paul-Pernin, Paris

This garden, in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, and off the Promenade Plantée which I have previously written about, was an explosion of colour when I visited in summer last year.

 All photographs by Sophia Kaplan.


May 11

Besides the apple tree in the backyard, we have a pink flowering crab-apple. When you look closely you’ll see it has beautiful double petaled blossoms.   32 more words

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“Morning Blossoms” - Stouffville Creek Trail

Ah, spring!

I went for an early morning walk this morning and was greeted by yet another gift of spring – a beautiful crab-apple tree loaded with delicate pink-white blossoms. 60 more words


Reveling in the ephemeral abundance of flowers

Our crab apple is flowering, more buds than we have ever had before. It literally looks like it is covered in snow. All grown from a volunteer seed that a volunteer bird ate inside a nearby crab apple and deposited in our front lawn (in a perfectly selected spot, I might add). 138 more words


Promise of Gold

Sugar-plum fairy crab-apple
blossoms begin to fade.
But look at the laburnum branches,
tipped with promise of gold.


The Crab Apple: A Reflection on Mother's Day

As a food blogger, I often get asked “what is your favourite food?” or “what is the most delicious thing you’ve tried?” For me, this is a difficult question to answer because who you eat with and the experience you have while eating  can bias your opinion of the meal – if you’re on a terrible date at a 5-star restaurant, the food may not seem 5-star quality to you. 631 more words

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