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DC Road Trip

We’ve been on the road, reconnecting with our roots as Americans in DC and getting educated along the way. My eyes have gone slightly cross from reading so many museum exhibit descriptions, trying to retain the information, and my feet have ached from walking all over the National Mall. 822 more words


Big Apple Bites

The beauty of living in New York City is having endless choices of top-notch cuisines at my fingertips (literally). My weekends are spent brunching and crossing off restaurants in my book of must-try places to eat in the city. 808 more words

Pull Up A Chair

Crab Cakes with a Coriander Tartar Sauce

I love eating crab but picking out the meat is not my favorite thing to do. It is not my best skill either. Last time I did it, my little kitchen ended up covered with little pieces of shells.  329 more words


Crab Cakes with Horseradish Aioli

Crab cakes are one of our favourite appetizers to get when eating out …. this is an easy to create appetizer at home, or make slightly larger – serve with a great big tossed salad – amazing bread, and you have a complete meal. 227 more words


Attempt #2. Quinoa Crab Cakes

A healthy crab Cake

Crab cakes are delicious. They are not, however, generally a healthy choice on most menus thanks in large part to the high carb to crab ratio. 707 more words

Crab Cakes

How do you like your crab cakes?

Apparently, I favor my crab cakes more crab-by with little filler, while J prefers his not quite as dense with crab.  I guess it’s too filling to have less filler, and he’d rather be able to eat more crab cakes! 459 more words


Report Card: Morlein Lager House


Overall GrubGrade B+

The Breakdown:

Atmosphere: Grade A-: From an appearance standpoint, we haven’t been to many places as easy on the eyes as Morlein Lager House. 918 more words

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