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Our intent is brevity and delicious foods. She delivers on both!

The Story of the Crab Cake.

I absolutely LOVE crab cakes. 209 more words

Perfect Poached Eggs for a Spectacular Breakfast

Not sure when this happened, but I am now obsessed with poached eggs. The runnier the yolk, the better. It’s quite ridiculous if you think about it. 184 more words


Baltimore and Thoughts on History

This past Saturday was absolutely beautiful in the DC area. Low 70s, slight breeze, barely any clouds in the sky. We decided to use the gorgeous day to shoot up I-95 to Baltimore, an adventure that’s been on our list since we moved down here. 817 more words


Inn on Coventry

I’ve been here once before, so I had a friend over for the weekend, so I decided to take her here. It’s yummy, it’s close, and it’s popular. 276 more words


Krab Cakes

Upon this vegan journey, I have had many animal cravings (sounds so carnivorous LOL!) with one of them being crab cakes!

Many who may not know, crab cakes are a staple on the East Coast especially within the DMV (D.C aka District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia (Northern Virginia) area. 550 more words


Oh, Crabp Follow-Up Meal

Meal: Parsley and Lemon Linguini with Grilled Crab Cakes, Grilled Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus (4/6/2018) 

Because I was running around like a crazy person between the kitchen and the grill, I didn’t take too many photos. 422 more words

Crab Cakes

Oh, Crabp

Meal: Butter and Herb Crab  (3/26/18)

Recipe: https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/oven-roasted-dungeness-crab

So, cooking our two crabs was pretty fun. For good reason, 2018 is about the worst time to make a Woody Allen reference, but considering how much moving around our crabs did in the car in transit to their resting place in our kitchen, I kept conjuring images from… 447 more words

Crab Cakes