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Portobello Mushrooms Stuffed With Crab, Scallops and Onions

On nights when my hubby and I are home alone I like to make dinner a little special. So on this special night I decided to load up some beautiful Portobello mushrooms with lots of crab and some sea scallops too. 236 more words

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Stuggy's World Famous Gourmet Dogs

Back in college at the University of Maryland, when North Campus Dining Hall was still a dining hall and not a fancy buffet, my best friend Jason used to go to the ladies manning the hot dog section and always order a “North Jersey Beach Dog”.   397 more words


Open facecd mini crab and mango sandwiches

Sometimes I want something simple and easy, specially when I am home by myself.

These mini open faced sandwiches are easy to make and taste wonderful. 99 more words


Colorful Crab and Shrimps Cakes

Crab cakes have so many variations, but there is always room for one more. While I love the Maryland style crab cakes, which consist of mainly crab meat with a small amount of ingredients, sometimes I find them too bland and feel like adding other flavors to them. 416 more words


Crab Meat on Bun

When my grandmother was still alive I would take these long, blank trips out to visit her in small-town Wisconsin. The whole time she always seemed to be preparing for the next thing– laying her clothes out for tomorrow night’s dinner. 557 more words


Easy, Quick and Delicious Pasta!

因工作關係,已經很久沒有弄晚餐, 有點失落。這晚我下定決心無論多晚都要弄一個簡單的晚餐,

於是煮了這個蟹肉蘑菇忌廉意粉,只需約15分鐘, 味道還很不錯!

Ingredient (Serving for 2):

意粉 200g (Pasta)

蟹肉 140g (Crab Meat)

白蘑菇 5 – 6粒切片 (White Mushroom, cut into slices)

淡忌廉 200ml (Whipped Cream) 131 more words


Crab and Lemon Aioli Bruschetta

My favorite new appetizer!! I love having crab in the summer, there is just something so light but meaty about it! Mixing the crab with the lemon aioli definitely makes this app what it is! 188 more words

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