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Homemade Thousand Island Dressing for Shrimp Salad

Our recipe is the product of one part detective work and one part educated guessing.  I had a Ken’s bottled version and with only 3 tablespoons left in the bottle, I got the inspiration to make my own.  254 more words


Crab Salad

I have another wonderful recipe for you to make with our meaty and delicious Jersey crabs.   I am especially fond of this recipe because not only is light and tasty, but it also brings friends and family together around the table for several hours. 284 more words

Italian Home Cooking

Chilli crab poppadoms

We’re on the verge of a house move. What should be an exciting time is actually an endless saga of stress and waiting and organising and waiting and stress punctuated by people trying to take large sums of money off you. 306 more words


Crab and kelp noodle salad and kayak dyslexia

For anyone who hasn’t tried kayaking, I can highly recommend it – it’s enormous fun. Especially if the person at the helm (in our case, my husband) yelling navigation instructions suffers from left-right dyslexia and is wearing heavy-duty earplugs. 380 more words


La Union Snaps

For two weeks, I wasn’t able to take my day off because one of my staff is on leave for a week so today and tomorrow are my days off.   148 more words

Daily Word Vomit

Crab salad

Keith asked for crab salad and fortunately crab meat was on sale at Graul’s.  We both love the taste of this and it is quick and easy to put together.   94 more words


Freeman's, New York

Back in New York in mid-May for my sister in law’s baby shower! The Friday, mom and I ran around running errands for the shower (including tasting ice cream flavours for the ice cream cake from Morgenstern’s!) 243 more words

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