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Chilli Blue Crab

Sydney has one of the largest fish markets in the World (apparently the second largest after the Tokyo one). It is an amazing place: any single seafood you can imagine is there, and what is more, even those that you cannot imagine are there!!! 527 more words


Sunsets and Seafood – Quintessential Kep

I left Phnom Penh early for the seaside town of Kep a small town on the south coast of Cambodia with a pretty beach, fabulous sunsets and a famous crab market. 1,180 more words



my favorite place to have a meal!!

April 2015

Weekly Wrap Up

Here are some neat things that happened this week!

Saturday The sheep got sheared! What a gong show. Here is a video of the sheep running with Lana and Helen in tow. 594 more words

Sally Lightfoot Crab

The sally lightfoot crab is also known as the red rock crab. Adults vary in colour, from reddish-brown, to mottled or spotted brown, pink or yellow. 65 more words


Food Steps: Chilli Crab ala Kevin 👌🍴

Another long overdue recipe for my blog readers. A lenient procedure for Chilli crab lovers out there! Thank me later. Enjoy & Happy Cooking! 😊 221 more words


Crab & Mushroom Quiche

I can’t take too much credit for this one. My mom used to make this, and she gave the recipe to me several years ago. I didn’t change it much, just made some small tweaks. 134 more words