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Today for lunch, my dad and I went to Suishaya in Boston’s Chinatown. Suishaya is a small, authentic Korean & Japanese restaurant with many options that we came across in the bustling area. 107 more words


Gobble, Gooble

Gooble, Gooble © Lynn Wiles 2015
You may be wondering what a fish and a crab on a brick building have to do with the call of a turkey. 66 more words


Monkey-ing around- Monkey Bar

Picture taken from Monkey Bar’s Facebook page

Bandra isn’t new to having a bar open up every second month, but what makes Monkey Bar special? The food and the music! 138 more words


Five-Hundred Word Challenge 51: Horseshoe Crabs and Dolphins

The wonders of sitting here and slowly going out of my mind is that, once again, I find myself going out of my mind.

That is to say that I’m not, but I imagine if I start thinking about thinking again a bit too much, then I’m going to be sucked into a pool of my own arrogant excess that will be so deep and meaningless that I will inevitably never return and all that will be left of me in reality is a pile of ashes next to a sign that has “Here lies ashes” next to it. 525 more words


I got crabs

I’m not a fan of crabs but these purple dudes at the bottom of my yard are all kinds of groovy.

He lives here:


ten: udon, sushi, and more

TEN is one of my favorite Charlottesville restaurants, by far. While it’s a bit of a drive for us students, making the trip downtown is well worth it for their selection of fresh sushi and other modern Japanese dishes. 184 more words