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Episode 85 - "Crustacean Nation III: Feeling Crabby"

As I type, my beloved Coonhound, Hitcher, lies next to me. He was diagnosed with inoperable cancer a few weeks ago. He has been my constant sidekick since we found him, as an abandoned puppy, on a roadside 10+ years ago. 1,118 more words

Alton Brown

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ooh, Shiny!

This week’s theme is funny: Ooh, Shiny!

It is meant to touch upon the concept of distraction and detours.

This man is entertaining Olivia at a market in Valdivia, pretending to talk to the crab and showing her what the underside looks like.

Fun Stuff

A Make-Do Community

“And to top it all”, she wailed, “when I emptied the last tin of fruit cocktail into the bowl, it wasn’t fruit cocktail. It was cooked carrots.” 585 more words

St. Louis Area Restaurants Among 40 Joe’s Crab Shack Closings

Shuttered Restaurants Tied to Joe’s Crab Shack’s Likely Return to Original Parent Company
St. Louis, MO/August 19, 2017 (STLRestaurant.News) — If you had plans to have lunch or dinner with friends or family at Joe’s Crab Shack in Fairview Hei…

Who Is Crazy

Whenever you look at a piece of work and you think the fellow was crazy, then you want to pay some attention to that. One of you is likely to be, and you had better find out which it is. 10 more words

Living Simply

Eating at Belluno

At Kiulap, next to the K.N.Y Kitchen restaurant. It doesn’t took them very long to serve our orders.

Classic Pressed Burger – Grinded Beef Tendeloin, cheddar cheese, Fresh tomatoes, Iceberg lettuce and fries. 114 more words


Fotographical Friday: What I find funny. 

1. This crab illustration. 2. That I bought seafood at a dollar store. 3. That, after 15 years, it could explode at any moment.