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Perfect Crab Cakes

Good crab cakes are rich and soft, with an almost creamy texture and crispy crust.  I know there are those that think crab cakes must have Ritz® Crackers crushed up in them, but I beg to differ.  849 more words

Quickies (It's Not What You Think!)

Dish name:   Turbot

Recipe of:  Martijn Kajuiter:

“LET’S GO DISCO” at the

Cliff House Hotel –

Ardmore, Co. Waterford

INGREDIENTS QUANTITY FOR 4 Turbot 1,610 more words
Funky Fish

Understanding, Appreciating Seafood

Where it comes from, what makes it good and some common misconceptions.

JEFF THAL Correspondent | Updated September 12, 2013

The following was published in the Lancaster Sunday News on September 12, 2013.   1,157 more words


don't worry be happy

Ironic, given MJE’s last post that I should receive a crappy medical notice just this past week. But as my loyal readers know MJE is nothing if not an optimist, glass half full, etc.   521 more words


It's not too late for soup!

Wow! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted! Super sorry about that! So much and yet absolutely nothing has been going on. If that made any sense, you let me know. 526 more words



Within the USA, there seem to be two major schools of thought on how to stuff a shrimp (prawn). In New England, most recipes call for crushed Ritz crackers in the ingredient list, and then the shrimp are usually baked. 689 more words


crab cakes with garlic aioli

I spoke to my good friend Rose (the person who I credit for enticing me to start this blog) the other day and she informed me that despite the fact that my… 483 more words

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