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Never Trust the Internet to Always Be Your Friend by Stephen Dando-Collins

Spam, hackers, internet fraud, identity theft. Our parents and grandparents never had these problems when they simply posted letters. Still, technology addicts that we are, we accept these hassles in return for instant transmission of data and information access. 250 more words

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Paying the Price of Patriotism by Stephen Dando-Collins

They say an army marches on its stomach. As I write in my latest book, Crack Hardy, for over a decade after the end of World war One Australia was repaying Britain more than £20 million that the UK Government charged the Australian Government to supply our diggers while they were overseas. 239 more words

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Are we suffering from a national speech impediment? by Stephen Dando-Collins

“My may wen to a pardy, sank thirdeen boddles, because he reckons drinking’s a spor, and pass dow,” the young Aussie said. And he was sober. 231 more words

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The book that shouldn't have been written by Stephen Dando-Collins

My latest book, Crack Hardy, shouldn’t have been written. I was supposed to be dead. Even after defying doctors’ predictions and living, and becoming a successful author, I resisted writing… 224 more words

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You should always have an editor on your trivia team by Meredith Curnow

I love the life lessons I learn from novels and most of the books on the Knopf Vintage lists are fiction. But the variety of information you take in when you work on non fiction is extraordinary and I always look forward to adding to the bank of knowledge you never know when you might need. 345 more words

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