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Phone college soon that’s done, on my to do list. Presidential debate believe I missed.  The day belongs to me and me alone, that’s nice got it so good am about to think twice. 377 more words


September 27, 2016


I am still currently working, going to school and still stressing over guys.

I use to love waking up at 6 in the morning, now I wake up because I have no choice too. 268 more words


Making one eye glint and the other sprinkle
Bipolar feelings of erasing your conscience

Holding a little spoon on a flame. Burning
To a wispy white smoke, sneaking through orifices… 166 more words


Day 261 Getting Used To Brokenness

It’s been a week since my iPhone got cracks on its screen. For some time I was ashamed to show it off. But there are times I really need to use my iPhone even if it does not look decent anymore. 140 more words

FLASH FICTION -- The Christmas That Cracked

“Merry Crissmesss!” they slurred, in unison. Cassie cringed.

Billy and Sorehead. On Christmas Eve, yet. Reeking of booze at 4 P.M.

“Hey!” From the couch, Nick sounded delighted. 636 more words

Twisted Sister