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Eternal Spring, City Style

The urban landscape becomes nothing but a tamed disregarded space without some invaders to shake things up.

Spring’s totem, the Poppy, clambers for the role, squeezing into a crack and creating a flower bed where one thought there could be none. 225 more words


Dairy Crack!

Dairy Crack

Cheese really is crack. Study reveals cheese is as addictive as drugs

For years you have been telling people how much you love cheese.  317 more words

Health And Wellness

And Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting by pianomaestra

Summary: Kakashi was almost excited about having a genin team–right until he actually met them.

Word Count: 20K.

[And Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting] on FF.net

Medium: Fanfic

Last to Know by Meia

Summary: In which Loki and Heimdall are in high school, and being dragged, kicking and screaming, into romance. No, really.

Word Count: 14K+

[Last to Know] on FF.net

Medium: Fanfic

5 times Kuroko wished he never opened his damn mouth by highboys

Summary: “ANYWAY,” said Midorima, pushing Kuroko back with his foot, “Kise should be knowledgeable enough of human biology to realize that everything is a horrible lie.” He paused. 71 more words

Medium: Fanfic

Got an AUDI A8 it can sing like Whitney, got a brick for sale you can do Britney, with the pack ten times do you get me?   370 more words


Crack,Tips and Cheats which easily help you

Invite Guardian to the Increase of Iron pointers and also techniques guide. Right here we will certainly reveal you some fantastic methods as well as tips which you need to follow or at least understand. 875 more words