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Uber, Hilda, and Cracker Barrel 

Good morning Son!

Your mom and I are out in the world early this Saturday. Moms car needed an oil change, and the dealership is about 30 minutes away. 218 more words


So, Stan and I left for the last travel leg of our journey back East dogless.
In hindsight, I’m very glad that we left Annie with her sister. 446 more words

Women are inferior to men

I keep meaning to write about a particular moment from the summer that I don’t want to forget.  As summer ended and Mythankfulboy and I were working on annotating his summer reading, we were reading about the time of Shakespeare.   346 more words

The BEST Mozza Sticks You'll Ever Make!

Hello mozza stick lovers!

They’re a staple of North American bar cuisine, and I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t like them! But always so expensive… 505 more words

Let's Eat!

Country Dinning

One place I just love to bits for the great food, and southern attitude-Cracker Barrel!  Every time I go, I promised myself I will order something different. 700 more words

Restaurant Reviews

My Favorite Summer 2016 Memory

Hi everyone! I am so pleased with how my first post turned out and I’m so excited to write many more! I don’t have a specific schedule of when I’m going to post and I plan on just posting whenever and idea comes to me. 1,227 more words