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So Many Rabbits...So Little Time

Thanks for all the well wishes and prayer for our annual Passion Play at our church! So far, background things are going well, and our dress rehearsals are next week. 847 more words


Day 15

Today I had my Public Speaking final and also a test in Psych. Even after staying up until 4:45 studying for that test, I can not confidently say I pulled out a good grade. 390 more words

Toulouse Dive Bar | New Orleans, LA

My head buzzes from the coffee and the old man’s advice. This world is surreal.

I walk down Bourbon. “Bourbon,” my head mutters hungrily. The neon lights and loud, fratty voices rattle my brain. 650 more words


Café Envie & Espresso Bar | New Orleans, LA

It is getting dark outside. I find myself walking faster, feeling the shadows roll over me as I fall between the beams of neon from store fronts and dive bars. 339 more words



Cracker Barrel Restaurant – one of my favorite (though probably not healthiest) places to eat.  I think it’s a nostalgia thing.  A good memory place.  Somewhere that reminds me of days gone by. 104 more words


Road Trip: The Carolinas

Hi Vixens!!!  I spent a week in February in the Carolinas visiting my brother and two of my cousins.  The week before I went they had weather in the mid 50’s.  423 more words

I'm Eating Your Gluten Allergy

You’re gluten intolerant/gluten free/Celiac? Not a problem. I seem to be making it my mission to eat your portion of gluten too. But! Only in a delicious homemade way. 278 more words

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