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Memorial Day - Traditions Old & New

So, for the past 4 years we’ve done the same thing every Memorial Day. We visited Grandpa Walter’s (Pete’s grandfather’s) gravestone in the national cemetery in Bushnell, FL. 641 more words

Rhonda The Mom

Did you know? – Products with Braille labels you probably had no idea were there.

Our post about the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign in Braille received a lot of positive feedback! That is why we decided to talk about some products that include Braille in their packaging and about some services offered in Braille that you probably weren’t aware even existed. 674 more words

Fast Food Gourmet...

In my journeys thru out this country, I now see why a lot of Americans are dying of heart disease. It’s the food and our diets, I’ve experienced The Cracker Barrel where syrupy sweet iced tea can be cut with a knife and I’ve had a festival of grease breakfast at a Waffle House. 180 more words

This Too Will Pass

If You Know What's Good for You...

Listen to: Frank Turner’s “Tape Deck Heart” album is pretty awesome and you should give it a listen.

Read this: I was going to make an awesome book suggestion, but then I realized no one really reads my blog and I am not going to put myself through the pressure of picking just one book when I will probably have a new favorite within the next month. 458 more words

Mother's Day 2015

This year we decided to have a low-key Mother’s Day.

None of the Milledgeville Mommas wanted to cook, and we will be going to Atlanta in few weeks for Mack’s first birthday, so we decided to just meet in the middle… Cracker Barrel in Madison was it! 184 more words

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