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Guess who convinced himself yesterday that the Oregon shooter was "Muslim or transgender?"

Even now that we know his name, the Umpqua Community College shooter remains an enigma, and commenters online and in the media have attempted to fill in the details with a lot of speculation, much of it fairly wild. 87 more words


MGTOW debate: Are older women spoiled milk, or gonorrhea-stained used cars?

So the fellas over on the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit are having a little debate, of sorts. What unappealing inanimate object is the best metaphor for women over the dreaded age of 30? 317 more words


Reddit MRA: If we let feminism "win," they'll throw all men in prison and use them for breeding. Then Muslims will take over.

I learn a lot from reading the Men’s Rights subreddit. For example, I learned today that feminism can’t win, because it’s impossible, but that if it… 110 more words


Women shopping for groceries secretly run the world, MRA suggests in incomprehensible memes

Apparently the Men’s Rightsers of the world think that they can defeat the forces of feminism by overwhelming them with incomprehensible memes.

I found the puzzling meme above on… 218 more words


MRA Peter Nolan: "Killing women is the only path to justice for men now."

Men’s Rights Activists love to “warn” women that they may soon face a day of reckoning if they don’t shape up and start acting the way MRAs think they should. 607 more words


MRAs, other jackasses troll the American Psychological Association with petition to declare feminism "a symptom of severe mental retardation"

One civic-minded fellow¬†has launched an exciting new campaign to better the lives of men and boys by pestering the American Psychological Association with a… 143 more words


Women are overpriced vagina buses that won't let you ride them, Man Going His Own Way explains

On Reddit’s MGTOW subreddit, one brave fellow calling himself Isaiah4verse1 lays down some hard truths about the mysterious creatures we call “women” (and sometimes “females”). 1,129 more words