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Missy Cosplay: Part the Second (Pattern Cutting)

Today I spent cutting the pieces for the jacket for Missy.  I managed to watch the whole of Iron Man 3 and an episode of Orphan Black just while cutting out the paper pattern pieces and making some modifications.  442 more words


My first attempt at upholstering a chair

My husband has a red vinyl covered chair which is practically the only piece of furniture left from his bachelor days…I made sure everything else disappeared over time…he he. 577 more words


Pin Cushions, The Magic Threader and Maddisons

The (now huge) bag of goodies that are to be sold at The Feast on the 7th June is getting bit and this Saturday’s Stitchees made lots of pin cushions and cushion covers for the stall – we evan had two boys help make labels in preparation for the stall. 332 more words


Happy Father's Day


Another quick one for Father’s Day…..something nice and simple. A few pierced flags on top of a teal coloured background make a nice simple but classic card :)


Missy Cosplay: Part the First (The Plan)

My plan for this year is to cosplay Missy.  It’s another great choice I think.  It’s highly topical and she should be very recognisable.  It’s also a great character (I love that one of Who’s most iconic villains has become a woman) and the costume is very wearable. 497 more words


Nyssa Cosplay: How To

I thought I’d set down how I went about pulling together the Nyssa costume, in case anyone is interested.

For research, I watched The Keeper Of Traken… 877 more words


Swimming in amongst the crochet flower makes, a super cute pair of quilted octopuses! 

I was browsing while walking past craft magazines the other day and was stopped suddenly in my tracks by one of the cutest quilted octopuses! I quickly grabbed a copy of Quilt Now magazine issue 11 and was so keen to get started on it I started it as soon as I got home – Luckily I had seen some fabric in hobbycraft the day before by the Craft Cotton Company and bought it knowing it would come in useful at some point and it did the very next day for this – it was just perfect for these two octopuses – all beach and sea themed! 342 more words