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Some cards for you to enjoy...

Hello again, I said I would try and catch up on the past couple of weeks and that I thought it would be worth the wait. 69 more words


Some activity these past weeks...

Hi folks,

Sorry for not getting anything posted here but I think you will find it worth the wait.  Cards, scrapbooking and two markets to catch up on so better get the show on the road. 113 more words


TWO Magnificent OWLS in March

Whether it’s your manuscript or your writing business that needs work, we have you covered with our next two OWLS.  They start next Monday, so don’t delay or dither – decide! 235 more words

Snow and a silk cardigan

This week we had two major snow storms.  A power black-out for 14 hours, and a day and a half of workout with a snow shovel.   43 more words


Papier-mâché experiment

A charity shop papier-mâché kit find motivated me to try bowl making… the kit suggested moulding the paper pulp provided around semi inflated balloons but my balloons were perished (the kit had probably been lingering in the shop for a while ) so I wrapped two bowls in cling film before moulding on the moistened pulp. 132 more words


Lovely weekend ahead

Oh! I have a lovely weekend ahead.

Firstly, it is 3 days long, instead of the usual 2!

Saturday morning will see me at the Yorkshire Spoolettes Dewsbury meet-up, organised by the wonderful  516 more words


Celery stamping! You have to love special education. Tasty and pretty 👌🏻#specialeducation #teacherlife #

Had to giggle when one of my students tried to eat it! 20 more words