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A Reply to an Open Letter Penned by a Fellow Crafting YouTuber

Dear Tori

Your blog post “Dear Fellow YouTubers”, couldn’t have come for a better time for me.  I was all but ready to give up posting videos and then my faith was restored. 382 more words

Crafts And DIY

Birdie Post

Howdy folks.  This card was made over the course of several hours – I just couldn’t get it to work (I’m still not sure that it DOES work).   134 more words

Coffee Morning

Well here I am at the local MP’s office at her coffee morning. She kindly invited me to attend in order to display and sell my craft products which was pretty nice of her I have to say. 157 more words


The imposter syndrome of the young Neil Gaiman

I love this description by Neil Gaiman of his experience of imposter syndrome early in his career, quoted in Presence by Amy Cuddy:

I would have this recurring fantasy in which there would be a knock on the door, and I would go down, and there would be somebody wearing a suit not an expensive suit, just the kind of suit that showed they had a job and they would be holding a clipboard, and they’d have paper on the clipboard, and I’d open the door and they’d say, “Hello, excuse me, I’m afraid I am here on official business.

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Harry Potter, Magical Creatures and Architecture competition

Motivated by Harry Potter’s world of magic, history, fantastic architecture, myths and legends, we invited our customers to search for magical creatures, animals, gargoyles, saints, caryatids and crests on various buildings and monuments in London and take photographs. 270 more words