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A flock of sweet sheep

This is a very simple idea to introduce topics such as “King David”, “Christmas”, “The Good Shepherd” and several more. All you need is some plain biscuits, icing sugar and some sweets for decoration.

Craft Activity

"God is like the potter"

This is a brilliant activity to use when covering themes such as “making mistakes”, “God’s plan for my life”, “Starting again”, “Being shaped in God’s image”. 29 more words

Bible Story

Crazy Mini Beasts!

We made crazy mini beasts from different materials. We used card, pom poms, googly eyes, pipe cleaners and different papers. It was great fun. If you made a crazy mini beast what would it look like? 8 more words


This is a well written story – it is in verse which seems to really appeal to my students. The illustrations have a delicate quality but are quite detailed and cute. 42 more words

This story is cute – it can be sung to the tune of 5 little ducks/5 little monkeys. This story is great for preschool and infants school students. 70 more words

Storytelling Easter Eggs

Easter is almost upon us again and that means that, like me, your house has probably got a few of these in it (show Easter egg). 509 more words

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