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This is a well written story – it is in verse which seems to really appeal to my students. The illustrations have a delicate quality but are quite detailed and cute. 42 more words

This story is cute – it can be sung to the tune of 5 little ducks/5 little monkeys. This story is great for preschool and infants school students. 70 more words

Storytelling Easter Eggs

Easter is almost upon us again and that means that, like me, your house has probably got a few of these in it (show Easter egg). 509 more words

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Jesus heals the Paralysed Man... told with Story Sticks

Story Sticks are a great, easy way to tell almost any Bible story (go on, challenge yourself to see how you get on with a random passage). 62 more words

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What you need:

Wonky donkeys

Palm Sunday is fast-approaching and that means many of us are looking for donkey-related craft activities! I came across this site that has a few nice ideas (including one involving clothes pegs that I loved): 29 more words


 If in doubt... ice biscuits!  

Possibly one of the top tools in any Children’s Worker’s Arsenal is a packet of Rich Tea biscuits and a box of icing sugar (and/or food colouring). 35 more words

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