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Craft And Draft

Craft And Draft is Columbia’s premier craft beer store and growler shop! Sample a beer or drink a few pints (yes, you can consume beer there) from one of twelve taps that continually feature premier craft beers from all over the country as well as local favorites from here in South Carolina!  208 more words


Soda City Retreat

After a seemingly never ending countdown to kickoff, football season is FINALLY upon us.  And in typical Columbia fashion, a balmy 100 degree day presented itself as we made our way down I26 for our first game, conference game (who thought that was a good idea?!?), of the season. 430 more words


Back to the Land of Wool and Alpaca

It’s been a while since I’ve done a craft show, and I’m so glad that Laura of Snowflake Crafts  suggested that I participate in the Craft and Draft at Blind Lady Ale House last Sunday.   215 more words

Craft and Draft: Plotting Progression

Do you remember the exact moment your pet turned from kitten into cat, or from puppy into dog, or from tiny goldfish to slightly less tiny goldfish? 1,492 more words


Craft and Draft: Metaphor Galore

If I put you in a dark room with a lone chair in the middle, made you close your eyes and just listen to random people speak, you could tell me a ton of information without much effort: the sex of the speaker, their rough level of education, the region they’re from, the mood they’re in, where they are in relation to you, and lots more. 864 more words


Craft and Draft: Sheet Music

There are only two universal truths in life: cookies and music.

Can you think of someone who doesn’t like cookies? Someone who openly acknowledges that in the nearly infinite variety of flat, round, sugary treats available they don’t like a single type? 1,171 more words


Craft and Draft: Frag. Ments.

Not all sentences are privileged enough to grow up in a warm, loving home with supportive clauses and structured guidance. Some are forced to grow up on the syntax-streets, forced to figure out this crazy grammatical world with nothing but their guile and wit. 852 more words