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Beers To Your Health

January 21, 2018

It has been quite the week for beer folks! While the federal government may be shut down, the state government is absolutely operational. 628 more words

Woods Boss Brewing, Denver CO

Remember growing up watching movies like The Parent Trap and wishing your parents sent you away to summer camp so you too could go live off in the woods for a few months? 616 more words


Young Henrys Summer Hop Ale

Total Score: 6.8/10

Hullo, what’s this? *said in my best Ringo Starr voice* Young Henrys Summer Hop Ale? *still in Ringo Starr voice mode* Well, I’d better give it a try then . 434 more words

All Inn Brewing Co Legbreaker American IPA

Total Score: 6.5/10 

All Inn Brewing Co is yet another Brisbane brewery, and this one is in Banyo too (that’s only a couple suburbs from me). 457 more words

Just a Quick Update and Link

Issue #19, the release of which was celebrated at Boku To Inu last night, is here. If you can’t find it at a bar or restaurant near you (probably true if you’re not in Japan) then check the… 9 more words

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Beer Zen Release Party

Now that was a great party. There were some beautiful beers and, though Boku to Inu is small, it felt more intimate than cramped. The Onidensetsu WIPA was hoppy but not overly so. 19 more words

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Legendary Oddity by Muskoka Brewery

Happy week everyone hope everyone is staying warm and staying thirsty. Today I have yet another beer from Muskoka Brewery called Legendary Oddity. I’ve never been disappointed with a Muskoka brew so I’m hoping to stay the course with this one! 161 more words