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Hello all!

This is a bit of a discouraging announcement. Most of our weekly events will be stopped. However, do not be discouraged. The blog must go on. 129 more words


An Introduction

Hello crafters,

I just wanted to write a quick introduction post about me. My name is Emma, I’m 21-years-old, a college students, and I love to craft things. 170 more words


Dinosaur Cards!

Morning crafty peeps!  Today I wanted to share 2 cards that I made over the last week.

Some of the products I used were:


Knit for Little Girls

Recently knitting baby headband and hats has gotten monotonous. Unfortunately, I’m still not as skilled at knitting as I would like to be. I’ve started looking for simple knit patterns that go beyond what I’ve made up to this point but are still fairly easy to create. 127 more words

Valuable Lesson on The Creative Process

Greetings All,

Conjuring inspiration and creativity can be a thousand year nightmare.

Over the years of teaching myself the basics of art and certain crafts, I have come to one conclusion: 288 more words


Product Review - Speedball Stamp Making Kit

I needed a stamp to add finishing touches to stationary and products I’ve made. I looked online at ordering a custom made one and the prices were extortionate. 210 more words

Crocheting Woes

I’ve been staring at my pack of crochet hooks, in the bottom of my craft box for months now. When I look through Pinterest for knitting patterns, I see far too many adorable crochet patterns. 208 more words