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Cross Stitch SAL update

It’s time to show you some more cross stitching. We’re jumping over from my Christmas project back to my other project.

Here’s where it was last time I shared this project: 203 more words


Claudia the Cactus pattern

I always love a spontaneous crochet project. I don’t really like to crochet something more than once in the exact same way, I either change up the colours or move on altogether; it keeps me interested and excited. 102 more words


My Adventures with the Granny Square

A little about how I came across crochet, I used to work for a crafting magazine and was taught to crochet by a colleague of mine who I know refer to as my Crochet Mother (yes I watch Drag Race – oh honey!) I learned how to make a granny square for my first project and from there (I hate using this expression BUT) I was quite literally hooked. 224 more words


A Change of Pace for Easter

It wouldn’t have been a bank holiday weekend if there hadn’t been a bit of rain about. Well, when I say a bit of rain, it rained for 4 days solid here! 618 more words


New updates

Hi there, here’s an update on the progress of the updates. I am using the word ‘update’ so often these days I’m even dreaming it, lol. 292 more words



How can you use your unique talents to inspire a more positive outlook and creative spirit in the world?

 #MondayMantra >>> I will use my creativity to inspire positive change.


Learn How To Crochet - Slip Knots

From today I am starting a beginners guide to crochet. If you are an absolute beginner or maybe want to freshen up on your crochet skills, why not follow along! 628 more words