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The clean version of americano: filter coffee

A few weeks ago, I saw an ex-colleague (worked together in an office during a previous life) who was in a speciality coffee shop.

Her drink was an americano – for info she drinks it as it comes: no milk or sugar added. 546 more words

Coffee Culture

Caring for your coffee

It happened and will certainly happen again – a regular customer turned up and asked for a latte to take-away at around 5pm. Being a regular, the barista mentioned that these beans are different from the ones served that same morning. 835 more words


Espresso with AeroPress - it is possible [video]

When or if you buy an AeroPress, you will see on the box the mention “espresso maker“.

However, it is a bit unclear of how to make such drink with a device designed to produced delicate filter coffee. 8 more words


Fun brewing AeroPress with @artisanroast [video]

Just watch and enjoy this AeroPresstutorial” (such a corporate word).


The Paris Fashion Week 5

Vogue’s 5 Best Coffee Shops in Paris, but more on that here.

Green Street Coffee Unveiling Their Coffee Science Lab At Annual Block Party

After popping the lid onto my coffee recently at the counter at Green Street Coffee, I did as I normally do. I followed up my… 1,264 more words


Strada Café Monge, 75005

The Strada Café, whom you might have heard of in the Marais (94 rue du Temple, 75003), opened up in a new location by Cardinal Lemoine métro station in November 2014. 358 more words