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Blue Bottle Is Finally Coming Out With an Easy Way to Make Its Coffee at Home

You’ll find few people as meticulous about their coffee as Blue Bottle Coffee founder James Freeman. Time, temperature, weight, grind—Freeman has spent his career in coffee controlling… 442 more words


the blue door beckons

THE STARLAND District welcomed back more than just SCAD students last week. On September 8, Blue Door (click for website), the geeky comic-themed coffee and waffle hut on Bull Street, re-opened its cerulean blue door after a summer sabbatical. 936 more words


Southdown: A Place You Want to Be

Southdown: A Place You Want to Be

One of the unexpected benefits of working for an importer is that I’m able to explore coffee shops beyond my normal MTA-bound radius and get to know roasters who are not maybe not the flashiest social media magnates but are busy making great coffee for the people of their towns. 681 more words


5 Great Canadian Craft Coffee Roasters

With how much Canadians love their coffee, it’s no wonder that some of the best craft coffees are roasted here in Canada! Here is a list of 5 unique Canadian roasters, who offer some of our favourite whole bean coffees. 759 more words


The Vans | Gwenn Goes Local Stop #6

Some people make fun of me for calling this post’s spot “Vans” but I like nicknames, so I’m stickin’ to it.

William Vans is a newer local coffee shop in Springfield that seems to have a never ending menu and about 4 different atmospheres in once place. 484 more words

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The clean version of americano: filter coffee

A few weeks ago, I saw an ex-colleague (worked together in an office during a previous life) who was in a speciality coffee shop.

Her drink was an americano – for info she drinks it as it comes: no milk or sugar added. 546 more words

Coffee Culture

Caring for your coffee

It happened and will certainly happen again – a regular customer turned up and asked for a latte to take-away at around 5pm. Being a regular, the barista mentioned that these beans are different from the ones served that same morning. 835 more words