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Flow State CoffeeBar Finds A Home In Kensington

A September/October opening date is being targeted, as well as the addition of a coworking space in a year’s time.

Back in July, I wrote about how the pastries and snacks made by Melanie Diamond-Manlusoc had me very excited about the eventual opening of Flow State CoffeeBar—a venture she’s entering into with Liz Diamond-Manlusoc, her wife, and Maggie Lee, a mutual friend. 492 more words


Experiencing Makers & Finders Craft Coffee in Downtown Las Vegas

On a recent early morning on the Strip I was looking for two things. The first was to see more of Las Vegas away from the high rises of Las Vegas Boulevard. 357 more words


The World Is Entering the Third Wave of Coffee

The third wave of coffee is a term that was coined in a newsletter by the Specialty Coffee Association of America back in 2002, and essentially means that we are entering a phase of coffee production where it is becoming more artisanal and a craft coffee type of conception.   411 more words


Coffee Date: Bones Coffee Company-Medium Roast

Coffee Date is a new column that features discussions of beverages stemming from leaves and beans.  Whether you brew your own or need a hip barista pouring it in front of you, we’ve got you covered for brands to try at home, coffee shops with some personality, and what you should try or avoid from your regular coffee… 191 more words

James Crowley

An Hour In Inverness

As anyone that knows Ryan and I will know,  our trips where ever we go will always start and end with a mission to find the best coffee and vegan food we can find … whatever the time frame. 481 more words


Yirgacheffe Beans and Cascade Hops

Yirgacheffe Beans and Cascade Hops1

Craft coffee and craft beer, once fringe enterprises, can today be called mainstream. For a consumer, this is both a blessing and a curse. 608 more words

Jack Daniel's Whiskey Infused Coffee Is Officially A Thing

There is no more sure sign that the concept of craft coffee is taking off than one of the world’s largest hard alcohols deciding to make a plunge into the other way to get people buzzed: caffeine. 167 more words