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Entry #9: Love Coffee Bar

Love Coffee Bar, located on Ocean Park between 17th and 18th, is a place that I drive past regularly, but have never been to until now. 386 more words

Free Writing Diary No. 2

I’m sitting in my favorite coffee shop, Trio. The ambiance in this place is as understated as the soundtrack in the background. A man speaks with the owner at the coffee bar. 482 more words


Entry #6: The Refinery

It’s funny how a 23 year-old can feel nostalgia for a coffee shop, but whenever I go to The Refinery, I hark back to simpler times (i.e. 416 more words

Santa Monica's Comprehensive Coffee Guide

Barring having the status of a millionaire, trying out every coffee shop in Los Angeles would bankrupt most individuals. Santa Monica, however, with a population of just over 100,000, is a much smaller beast to tackle. 306 more words

Another Cold Brew Post

I am sitting at Primo Passo Coffee Co. in sunny Santa Monica, CA1 sipping on some cold brew, pondering the current state of this caffeinated beverage here in the southlands. 508 more words

Book Review: Best of Jimseven

James Hoffmann, author of the World Atlas of Coffee, Square Mile Coffee Roasters co-founder, and 2007 World Barista Champion (to name just a few of his myriad of coffee related achievements), returns for his second book- this time a collection of selected posts from his delightful blog Jimseven. 536 more words

Things Craft Coffee Can Teach Us About Forever Young America

I recently watched the Netflix docu series Chef’s Table for the first time, and suddenly everything about craft coffee trends and tendencies made sense.

The main things that annoy me about smallscale artisan craft coffee and that have never really made any sense are explained not by the series per se, but by how the series is shot, edited, narrated, and produced. 1,448 more words