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the blue door beckons

THE STARLAND District welcomed back more than just SCAD students last week. On September 8, Blue Door (click for website), the geeky comic-themed coffee and waffle hut on Bull Street, re-opened its cerulean blue door after a summer sabbatical. 936 more words


5 Great Canadian Craft Coffee Roasters

With how much Canadians love their coffee, it’s no wonder that some of the best craft coffees are roasted here in Canada! Here is a list of 5 unique Canadian roasters, who offer some of our favourite whole bean coffees. 759 more words


The Vans | Gwenn Goes Local Stop #6

Some people make fun of me for calling this post’s spot “Vans” but I like nicknames, so I’m stickin’ to it.

William Vans is a newer local coffee shop in Springfield that seems to have a never ending menu and about 4 different atmospheres in once place. 484 more words

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The clean version of americano: filter coffee

A few weeks ago, I saw an ex-colleague (worked together in an office during a previous life) who was in a speciality coffee shop.

Her drink was an americano – for info she drinks it as it comes: no milk or sugar added. 546 more words

Coffee Culture

Caring for your coffee

It happened and will certainly happen again – a regular customer turned up and asked for a latte to take-away at around 5pm. Being a regular, the barista mentioned that these beans are different from the ones served that same morning. 835 more words


Espresso with AeroPress - it is possible [video]

When or if you buy an AeroPress, you will see on the box the mention “espresso maker“.

However, it is a bit unclear of how to make such drink with a device designed to produced delicate filter coffee. 8 more words


Fun brewing AeroPress with @artisanroast [video]

Just watch and enjoy this AeroPresstutorial” (such a corporate word).