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RWBY: Adam Taurus' Mask Part 3

If you haven’t read my previous posts on this project, you can check them out at these links: Part 1, and Part 2. 832 more words


RWBY: Adam Taurus' Mask WIP Part 2

If you haven’t read part 1 yet, you can check that out here!

When we last left our villainous accessory, it had been cut out and awaited heat forming. 1,110 more words


How I made my Daenerys Faux Leather Chestpiece


I am gonna be straight up with you,  I am not a seamstress, I do not have any real training when it comes to making costumes, and I do not know what I am doing , so when you see how made this piece, you may laugh at me but it’s OK , cos the end result is good haha. 259 more words


RWBY: Adam Taurus' Mask WIP Part 1

I always enjoy having random projects to work on and perfect my skills. I was in a big RWBY mood (but when am I not?) so I decided to make something from the show. 549 more words


RWBY: Nora Valkyrie's Magnhild

Earlier this year (2016) I made a Nora Valkyrie cosplay from Rooster Teeth’s web series “RWBY”. She’s one of my favorite characters, and I really wanted to challenge myself as a prop builder with her signature hammer, Magnhild. 1,577 more words


Game of Foam pt 2: Suzumebachi

So in October last year I presented my first attempt at Cosplay armour using foam. It’s been a while since then, and the armour got left to one side for quite some time because I had other projects that I needed to work on. 567 more words