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The Witch's Desk~ Choosing Your Craft Name

Hi I’ve been reading through all your wonderful information & soaking it all up like a sponge, there is one thing I’d like to ask.. How does one find their (craft name)? 553 more words


Magical Name

I know that lots of people use magical names…or craft names. The descriptor can change, but in the end it serves the same purpose.

I know that there are traditions that hold one’s true name to be sacred and powerful. 471 more words



Week 6 of the Pagan Blog Project

‘A rose by any other name …’

  • William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet.

What is in a name?
Firstly, it’s how you identify yourself as an individual ‘me’. 704 more words

Pagan Blog Project

Let the utterances commence!

I want to formally welcome you to the Cave of the Oracle! For those of you who know me, no introduction is needed. Still, hopefully new readers will join you all and will want to get to know me better, so I’ll talk a bit about why I chose the name for this blog. 2,515 more words


Pagan Blog Project Week 5: Craft Name, or H is for Harlot

Craft names. I don’t use one. Generally, I think they tend to be a bit silly and pompous (naming yourself “Lady Circe Stonehenge-Faery” seems a little self-aggrandizing), the absolute hypocrisy of that being that I legally changed my name years ago to conceal my identity, and my legal name is about as ridiculous and attention-getting as they come. 662 more words


Choosing a name

It’s such a hard process, choosing a name for yourself. I understand why soon-to-be parents have trouble choosing a name for their children. It’s something you will be stuck with, so you better like it. 312 more words

Around The Cauldron

Review: 'University Witch: A Witch's Guide to Surviving Higher Education' by Soull Soothslayer

University Witch: A Witch’s Guide to Surviving Higher Education, by Soull Soothslayer
published 2012 by Techno-Witchcraft D. P.
64 pages
Author information here… 1,007 more words