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Avoid generic fantasy/sci-fi settings with description

It seems that in writing circles there is an increasing war against the process of description. Description is boring, they say. Get to the action! Modern readers skim over all the non-action bits anyway. 458 more words

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What Do You Think Is Funny?

Do you ever think about what tickles you the most?

The true advantage of having a sense of humor is the enjoyable experience of laughter itself. 648 more words


Advanced Outline Template for #Students and #Teachers of #English FREE @ EnglishEmporium.WordPress.com

My sophomores have been working on a fairly complex research paper lately, and I wanted them to incorporate at least six different quotes from three different sources in their final drafts. 55 more words

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Team KoBoWriMo: Week Three

10 days to go! This week we wanted to know, what have our WriMos been working on, anyways?

Mark28,023. “It’s a horror novel about an old abandoned hippie commune, inspired by a visit to an actual abandoned community that I discovered this past summer not far from Kelowna, BC. 302 more words

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Beat That Joke

One unfortunate fact of life is that we all have an ego that lies to us.

Don’t throw those jeans out! I’ll be able to wear them again after I stop eating for a year or two.

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Ben Interviews Karen DeMers Dowdall

Who is the exciting author behind, Garrett’s Bones, just released on Amazon?

Karen DeMers Dowdall is widely traveled and has explored many fields of study. 729 more words

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Book Review: "On Writing" by Stephen King

At long last, I finally read and completed Stephen King’s “On Writing – A Memoir of the Craft”, his part autobiography, part how-to-write book which has been widely received. 747 more words