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Getting Back to Your Roots

¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo! Or at least it is on the day I’m writing this post. So, I hope by the time you read this, that you had a good one. 592 more words

Book Giveaway

By Loan Le

I just handed in my first MFA packet to my mentor, and I thought I’d feel relieved after that. After all, I’d spent many hours muttering about my characters, plot, and language.

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Craft Of Writing

Monday Advice from Editors and Agents: Use Details in Settings Purposefully

“Your choice of setting and the way you manipulate it can have a powerful impact on the way the scene reads.” –Theresa Stevens

Theresa Stevens has been a literary attorney agent and the chief executive editor for a small romance press.

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Mulligans, Market Research, and Masterpieces

Second chances don’t come often. When we’re kids, sometimes generous coaches, teachers, and friends will allow a do-over, but an extra at-bat or stroke at minigolf is the best we can expect. 2,805 more words

The Great Novelist

My first attempts at writing fiction were as a pre-teen, huddled in my room with a spiral notebook and pen, scribbling away.  Two chapters of strained dialogue and always two girls in southern belle dresses and absolutely no plot, I would grow bored and go outside to play. 255 more words


The Abused News, Part 2

Writing topical humor is a bit like riding a bicycle. Once you learn how, you can pretty much ride at will until dementia forces you back onto training wheels. 740 more words