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Revision: Ways to Improve my Writing


Editing a paragraph from my book-in-progress illustrates the kind of work entailed in revision. This is the “line edit” kind of editorial work that I do on an ongoing process with my writing partners and for myself. 587 more words


Don't Stop Dreaming.

The writer life can be hard.

“Duh, Selina. We’re writers. We know.”

Okay, I know you know. And I’ve definitely talked about it a bit before in a… 333 more words


My New Class at Hugo House

I’m teaching a new workshop class at Hugo House in Seattle starting in July. It’s called “Writing Beyond Description,” and deals with a writing concept that I’ve been cultivating for many years, one that Charles Baxter calls “hyperdetailing.” 165 more words


What I’ve Learned about Writing from Watching The Librarians

Even though I’ve blogged plenty about older sci-fi shows like Babylon 5, Star Trek, and Stargate, I occasionally watch newer shows, too (it’s rare, actually, but every now and then I find a show that I consider worth my time to watch). 630 more words

Writing Tip


How do clues work?  This question became one of my biggest worries when I started writing murder mysteries.  At a  conference last Saturday (hosted by Croak & Dagger, the Albuquerque Chapter of Sisters in Crime) Jan Burk, moderator of our panel, asked us that question.  66 more words

To Tell or Not to Tell

Last weekend our Mantle Rock team met to discuss several book proposals that had been submitted for publication. Most were from authors who had never been published as that is our target group. 756 more words

Craft Of Writing

Writer's Block

Some people don’t believe in writer’s block. I do think that blindly throwing up your hands and declaring that you just can’t write seems a little melodramatic and unproductive, but I think completely discounting creative blocks puts too much blame on the creator themselves. 422 more words

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