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The Muse

And so Raven
(my muse)
“Get off your fat ass and write something”

No need to get personal

“It’s always personal
You think writing is easy? 79 more words


Seven Steps to Guaranteed Success as a Writer

Every author seems to have a different idea of what “success” in their field means to him or her. For some, selling at least five thousand (in Canada) or ten thousand (in the States) books, thereby qualifying them to claim the lofty title of “Bestselling Author” is the goal on which they set their sights. 219 more words

Craft Of Writing

Four Questions to Answer When Creating Your Own Magic System

Magic has been something writers have added to their stories for as long as stories have been told. Zeus changed into a swan to seduce Leda. 844 more words

Craft Of Writing

Two Articles—One Connection

Last week, I read two online posts I hadn’t realized had a connection until a friend pointed it out. Here are the links to both: 651 more words


Developing Characters, the Art of Writing

First, here is the way I write a blunt force character description
Always remember that just about any character description is good in some way or another… 564 more words

Writing When Life Interrupts

Yesterday was the two-month mark for having sent out beta manuscripts. You would think I could take a two-month vacation since I’m no longer working on my current script on a daily basis, but indie authors laugh in the face of such wussy pastimes. 1,559 more words

Craft Of Writing