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Why Proofreading Matters

Just a quick reminder to writers that the submission period for issue 8 of Tahoma Literary Review closes in a week, on August 31 at midnight. 371 more words

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Beyond Movies: Why Stories Matter in Business - Story Archetypes

There are many different story genres.  And there are even more ways to tell those stories.  But if you step back and examine the basic structure of how stories are told, you’ll start to recognize patterns.   1,005 more words

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One of my neighbors has made a habit of heading to the weed-choked field next to our apartment building to sing at the top of his or her lungs. 368 more words


Beyond Movies: Why Stories Matter in Business - Plot and Story

For all of you who are wondering, “Hey, what happened to discussing screenwriting?,” don’t worry.  We’ll get back to it soon.  This is the second installment in a brief digression away from screenwriting into how to use storytelling to enhance your content marketing and business presentations. 937 more words

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Beyond Movies: Why Stories Matter in Business

I started this website to share what I know about screenwriting.  We’ve barely gotten started.  There is a lot more to come about all aspects of the writing process — characters, dialogue, imagery and metaphor, conflict and how to put it all together. 819 more words

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Write an Opening Chapter that Hooks Readers

This year, I have left behind the characters who populated the series that I’ve been writing for several years. I’m embarking on a voyage to a new world, with a crew who is brand new to me. 840 more words

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Book Review: The Ill-Kept Oath

Sometimes you come across a novel that takes your breath away. Fellow author and friend C.C. Aune shared the manuscript for her debut novel with me a few years ago, and it blew my mind. 329 more words