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Subscribing to a Blog: Deep Conversation on Writing and Mysteries

Beth Kanell here, writing from Vermont, where the snowbanks are shrinking in March sunshine.

Have you discovered the new media forum called Medium? It’s a sort of magazine of essays, with the very valuable addition of posting the estimated reading time next to each title — I love that part, because I can make a quick decision on whether to look at something right away, or hold it for later (like, when I’m waiting for my brain to re-boot after writing a good scene). 522 more words

blue blazes: 53/365

When I sat down at my desk this morning, I realized I had forgotten to add a link to yesterday’s post on the 365-days page… 210 more words

Craft Of Writing

The Writing Process: Pulling out the Seeds

My business partner, Bob Mayer is a huge fan of not editing too much during the draft stages of writing because you might edit out the seeds that your subconscious planted. 375 more words

Bob Mayer

The Stanton Effect: Invoking Wonder

Thank you to L. Marie for asking me to be a part of this guest post series. My name is Charles E. Yallowitz. I run the… 1,019 more words

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How to Start a Research Paper Part 5: Outline Template

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Back in February, I showed you two popular ways to pre-write for a research paper: the spider web and the flowchart. Today, however, I’m kicking off the month of March with my favorite form of pre-writing altogether: the formal outline. 198 more words

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The Stanton Effect: Building to the Punch Line

Today, I’d like to welcome to the blog Nancy Hatch, who is here to bring you the second in a series of posts on The Stanton Effect: Inspiration from a TED Talk. 474 more words


Do you Feel a Draft When You Write?

What is considered a draft of a piece of writing?

In a CNN article, Todd Leopold writes that when Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jennifer Egan writes a novel, 562 more words