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2017 YA Fantasy Trends

The crop of YA fantasy novels this year has been a true delight. It’s still February, and I’ve already ripped my way through hundreds of pages of adventure, anguish, and romance. 707 more words

Craft Of Writing

Plotting: Connect the Dots

When I receive letters or messages about my writing, it’s usually from other writers who are just getting started and who are looking for solutions to their own writing craft problems. 1,940 more words

Craft Of Writing

Writing Craft from Rayne Hall: Feed Your Fiction With Your Fears

We at Twisted Sister truly appreciate Rayne Hall sharing her thoughts on writing with us, this is the second part of a short series on writing scary or suspenseful stories (check out part one — … 687 more words

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Show vs. Tell: Draw Your Reader into Your Story

In my career as a full-time fiction book editor, I’m sometimes asked the most common problems plaguing manuscripts. And I always know exactly what to tell writers. 637 more words


The Guide to Writing Fantasy: Believable Villains

Every good story has some sort of antagonist, usually a maniacally laughing villain when you consider fantasy. What would the story be without outward conflict? So, here comes the tough part: creating a villain that isn’t evil just for the sake of being evil. 581 more words


The Silenced Story

In a response to a blog on my personal site a while ago about the writing voice, a commenter who goes by the avatar Joplingirl noted that, “Finding a voice is inherently about bringing to the page a silenced story.” I love that idea, and the thought has occurred to me occasionally since, no doubt because of the hundreds of short stories and flash fictions I read for… 635 more words


Character Interview: Trizryn, the Thief

Last week I shared a character interview and demonstrated how to use such things to find the voice of a character. This week, I thought it might be fun to compare and contrast the voice aspect of character creation. 2,728 more words

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