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Continuing Education

I just finished a two-week intensive course on plot arcs. Writers aren’t required to get CECs the way health and fitness professionals are. I don’t have to renew a certification or have to take a certain number of courses per two-year period to prove to anyone that I’m keeping up my skills. 264 more words

Behind The Stories: Inspirations And Encounters

Writing stories is like excavating a fossil

According to King, there are two necessities to become a good writer: read a lot and write a lot. In order to learn and perfect the craft, it is necessary to read and write every day in a place where you can close the door with zero distractions. 97 more words

Resource Tips

Facepalm Moment

I have to share a facepalm debacle with you.  If you look through my archives you will come across “Esmeralda’s Hair”, a children’s book I wrote. 312 more words

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Story Engineering

I had no idea what I was missing before I picked up this book. I have an MFA, I’ve been a writer for a long time–but somehow no one managed to phrase things quite like this before. 237 more words

Book Review

Conduct Research for Scenes in Your Fiction

via How to Research a Location You Haven’t Actually Been To

This blog post above by fellow writer, Helena Fairfax, has been wonderfully helpful to me in writing my novel set in India and on a ship in the Pacific and Indian oceans. 

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Travel Writing

Introducing The Business and Craft of Writing Series

I’ve been meaning to update for months, but I’ve been busy with life and my writing. (So it goes… Sigh.)

Anyway, last November, I did an… 248 more words


Three reasons why outlining actually helps you be more creative in your writing

For eons, there have been two sides of a debate. This debate centers on how someone should take on a creative endeavor. The sides of this debate have gone by various names throughout the years, and I’m not going to go into the names. 1,229 more words

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