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'Bitches be tricky' and other thriller tropes

It’s time to talk about the dark and twisty ladies of literature I adore. Welcome to the first monthly book review at mamaguilt.

I loved Gillian Flynn’s… 694 more words

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aching: 104/365

Too much sitting, not enough moving. This morning my body hurt. I stretched, then I set the timer on my phone for an hour, and when it went off, I got down on the floor and stretched again. 163 more words

Craft Of Writing

Prompt 25: Writer's Callus

Prompt 25. The way you got that scar.

I have a writer’s callus on the middle finger of my left hand where my pen rests when I write. 374 more words


out loud: 102/365

I’m in Provincetown doing what I do best–shutting out everything except for the essential in order to complete a project–a hopefully final read-thru on my novel.  199 more words

Craft Of Writing

Wanna Be Relevant? Be Yourself

Basically, the moral of this story is in the title of the post. But allow me to elaborate if you have a little more time. 570 more words

Craft Of Writing


An important aspect of a writer’s trade is that of resource books. I’ll highlight a few of my favorites below. For writing craft topics, pick up as many… 444 more words


Works Cited Page MLA (Part 2)

#Education #WorksCited

Last week I gave you the first page of my Works Cited handout. This week I’m offering a couple of great things… first, I’ll show you my MLA-style Works Cited handout (page 2); then I’ll give you a great… 301 more words

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