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How to Write a Sentence and How to Read One

I wish I had read this book when I was teaching first-year composition, when I was trying to coax students who were not inclined to do so, to write. 1,066 more words

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Okay! Different people have different definition of love. Some think it as just a feeling, some feel butterflies in their stomach, some think it to be an attachment to another individual, some think it as a uniting of  two souls and there are many other concepts of love that people believe in. 159 more words


How Do We Write Now?

Patricia Lockwood on writing in a time of distractions: “The feeling you get after hours of scrolling that all your thoughts have been replaced with cotton candy . 25 more words


How to #Teach the Basics of the #5ParagraphEssay With a #Thesis Graphic Organizer

In our school district, students are first introduced to the fundamentals of a five paragraph essay in the sixth grade. It’s a brand new concept to them, so I teach them the most basic… 404 more words

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New books: So many ways to get killed

Murder Unscripted
Clive Rosengren
Coffeetown Press  2017
240 pages
Kindle $5.95  Trade paper $14.95

The first of Rosengren’s Eddie Collins series begins with actor Josh Bauer on a bearskin rug in front of a roaring fire with buxom, but temperamental, Ruby Landreaux in his arms. 958 more words

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The Role of Imagination in Creative Nonfiction

Heather Thomson at Commonplace Book Blog explores fact, memory, and imagination in creative nonfiction: “But there is a middle ground, one which is perhaps the most difficult to do well, but the one I feel is most rewarding as a reader, and perhaps most faithful to how the mind works.”