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The Power of Words

One of the things I love the most about being a writer is that I can make my characters say, do, and be anything I want them to. 237 more words

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Is Criticism Cruel?

A bit of a serious rant, today.


Yes, so buckle up!

Humor (in this case, humour) has once again raised a teeny-tiny controversy, and I may have some thoughts on the issue.

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Modus Operandi: Ridiculous!

Humorists long ago discovered the ridiculous nature of the human race. While humanity, collectively and individually, likes to consider themselves rational, living up to this unreasonably high standard is far beyond our abilities. 691 more words


The Craft of Writing. Don't serve it on a Silver Platter-make them work

Readers can be lazy! Writers need to make them work a little bit for their story! Not only is it more engaging and therefore more interesting for the reader but its a lot more challenging/rewarding for the writer. 165 more words


Rita Lee Chapman Interviews Ben

Rita Lee Chapman has interviewed Ben at her site: Guest Author: Ben Starling is now live. Each guest interview at her site is displayed for one week only – so check it out soon! 50 more words

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Day 2 - Poetry Reality: Verse a Day till Valentine’s!

I’m writing a poem – a verse a day till Valentine’s. Help me with the next verse…

Add your comments here, tweet me, or PM me on… 150 more words

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Ben Writes a Poem: a verse a day till Valentine's!

I’m writing a poem – a verse a day till Valentine’s!

Follow my poem-in-progress  and help me with the next verse...

Suggestions and encouragement welcomed… 136 more words

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