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Believable Magic Systems

Welcome to this week’s, Craft post and the Penultimate in our Magic Systems Series. If you haven’t read any of the other posts in this series you can read by clicking on the numbers:   1,152 more words

Thinking past the first draft

I’ve been walking the line between author and editor these days. It’s a tight line, one that I’m having a hard time staying balanced on. It’s not because I’ve been consuming lots of good wine (I wish), but because I’ve reached the point in my editing where I really can’t take the step back that I need to. 945 more words

Characters you remember

Sorry for the late post, I am being very forgetful lately. I need to emember to write these in adavance and and schedule them to post. 409 more words

2015 in Review

Welcome to this weeks Craft Post the last of 2015. Well, actually last weeks was the last one for 2015 as this is my year in review post. 941 more words

The Elevator Pitch

How was everyone’s weekend? I hope it was fun and restful. Mine was long and tiring, but has a happy ending. Why? To make it short and sweet, while working on filling in the outline for Long Live, that I mentioned on Fridays Wrap-Up Scrivener recovered most of part three of my outline including the ending. 963 more words

Creating a Writing Schedule

Awe, it feels good to be without the extra pressure of NaNoWriMo. Today is the last day to hit that 50k goal or your own personal goal. 1,268 more words

Double Duty

        Today’s post is going to pull double duty. Just started working a new job and got called into work and just didn’t have time or energy to post Friday. 948 more words