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DIY No Sew Kids Indian Costume

My kindergartener is having a Thanksgiving Day Feast with the 1st and 2nd graders next week and they can come dressed up as either an Indian or a Pilgrim.  560 more words


Painting Is Easy. Choosing a Color Is Not.

The day we walked into this house, I knew I wanted to paint the kitchen. It took me months to finally decide on a color. Some days I wanted to stick my head in the sand and hope and wish someone else would do it for me. 365 more words


Ghosts and Goblins sorting game

This was our ghosts and goblins sorting game/counting game.  I made the game using items I found around the house, pictured is cardstock and mermaid gold (as shown).   117 more words

Mr. Bones

I can’t seen to rotate our Mr. Bones, humph! As you can see above and below, we merely suggested which bones connected with which bones by using the song “The skeleton dance” found on youtube.   109 more words


Fall Weaving, keeping it green.

Materials: meat trays, cleaned thoroughly, yard, old clothing, material etc ripped into strips.  Cost: $0.00.

The ages of our children varied from 1-5 years old this day, the four and five year olds were able to complete their weaving with instruction and minimal help, the children 3 and younger needed considerable instructions and assistance from either Dani, myself or an older child.   43 more words


Baby's 1st Birthday 

Happy Selfie Saturday! Today’s selfie is about birthdays and milestones. Speaking of….Baby’s first birthday is coming up. I can’t believe how fast the first year is going (sad face)! 78 more words


"I Am Thankful" collage

So many things to be thankful for!

Save old magazines and catalogues, they are great for cutting for all sorts of projects including collages.  Using scissors takes practice and even more practice, but cutting is a great way to promote some of those fine motor skills.   44 more words