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Easter Eggstravaganza: DIY a pretty, Easter Egg Garland

The colors in Patty Schaffer’s Easter Egg Garland are so cheery! Look closely and you can see the sparkling beads she added, too. It all adds up to a pretty, … 389 more words

Craft Tutorial

Easter Eggstravaganza: Fabric Eggs, served up your way

I adore the vintage prints designer Rebekah Meier used to create these fabric eggs. I have some fabrics in my stash that would be perfect for these… 352 more words

Craft Tutorial

Easter Eggstravaganza: DIY Origami Paper Easter Eggs

What can you make with gorgeous origami papers besides origami? How about these pretty Origami Paper Easter Eggs? Origami papers are stunning on their own, with lush patterns and rich colors. 500 more words

Craft Tutorial

An easy, calorie-free Chocolate Easter Egg Topiary

So, I kind of like checking out the plastic Easter eggs every year to see what’s new. There’s always a different pattern or design I can add to my collection for Easter morning. 331 more words

Craft Tutorial

DIY Mini Book and Necklace

I’ve seen lots of cute mini book necklaces on Etsy, and there are also some cool tutorials on the internet, but I don’t have all the supplies necessary, like leather, clay, an awl, or things like that. 669 more words


How to DIY an Easter Egg Wreath (in purple ombre!)

The purple eggs on this Easter Egg Wreath remind me of jelly beans. Designer Patty Schaffer made this Easter Egg Wreath with purple plastic eggs in three different shades for an ombre effect. 310 more words

Craft Tutorial

I should have known better than planning upcoming posts! The beauty of this blog is that I intend for it to be organic & this way it will flow in a way where I’m not trying to push it. 90 more words