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Just a bit of average fun

It always seems to be the days I crave absolutely no materialistic satisfaction that I always find an eye catching, irresistible product to buy. I tend to dislike shopping. 732 more words

Ana Tinc

Passion keeps the dream alive for Troy City Brewing

Just a couple of years ago, the Southcoast (south of South Shore) was drastically lacking the craft brewery scene that appeared to be booming across the rest of the Bay State. 694 more words


Named Inari Woven Tee

I’m back with my first pattern review of the year! It almost seems redundant seeing how many times this pattern has already been reviewed: the… 572 more words


making little fulled knitting bags

I have been spinning a lot lately (whenever there is time), mostly from a coloured merino fleece I picked up  somewhere. The yarn is lovely and fine, but what to do with it all? 707 more words


Ice Day

My nephew posted this with the caption: The city closed down because of ice.

Well, it may not be a lot of ice, but the streets are covered with black ice. 192 more words


10 Myths About English Writing

There are lots of rules and popular myths about rules with regard to writing. Here are some myths and some truths about the rules for your enlightenment and enjoyment. 6 more words

Guest Poster

Knitting Update | Problem, Pattern, Pay Off

Hello one and all. It’s been some time since my last knitting update. Quite some time actually! Let’s go chronologically as that makes things easier. 658 more words