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#25: The Dreamer

So a few weeks back I had the opportunity to attend a Kimono Outerwear making class. I was really nervous the day before and told my husband about it (almost wanted to cancel out). 142 more words

Murder Porn, Big Brother, and the Runaway Blimp

Okay, I admit it. I am an ID TV Addict, meaning I watch Investigation Discovery TV. It started innocently enough. As a writer who enjoys reading upmarket mystery and suspense, I thought about writing one myself.   622 more words


Them bones, them bones

The last meeting before half term was billed in the programme as ‘My amazing body’ – the idea being that we’d keep it open-ended and decide nearer the time what body-related activities to do. 208 more words

Meeting Plans

idiot box

“We sit around and bitch about how TV has ruined the audience for reading – when really all it’s done is given us the really precious gift of making our job harder. 170 more words


external affirmation

“I think that the ultimate way you and I get lucky is if you have some success early in life, you get to find out early it doesn’t mean anything. 99 more words


nerve endings

“There’s really really shitty avant-garde, that’s coy and hard for its own sake. As the texture, as the cognitive texture, of our lives changes. And as the different media by which our lives are represented change… it’s the avant-garde or experimental stuff that has the chance to move the stuff along . 269 more words