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I’ve had a rather strange idea for craft. I FUCKING LOVE cooking and I personally consider it a craft and it is literally about finding balance with flavours, textures, etc. 545 more words

Craft: jewellery prep, cuttlefish

I think I’d mentioned in my last jewellery post that my plan was to try and spend the next session (hopefully not) becoming the most hated person in class by stinking the place out with a batch of cuttlefish. 291 more words


I am lost & need coffee

I am really not sure how to approach craft. I sort of regularly MAKE things and do things off the computer I feel slightly lost. I’ve had a few ideas, but they felt like they wouldn’t be huge challenges. 355 more words

How Should A Novel Be? Genre And Sheila Heti’s Motherhood

By Kristen Holt Browning

“So, what do you write?” It’s an often heard question at Get Lit. I have my go-to answer of “short stories and poems.” I don’t mention the multi-part essays I’m working on that draw on events from my own life interspersed with musings on historic events (on a good day, I think of these pieces as “elegant” or “lyrical,” on a bad day, “rambling” or “utterly incoherent”). 318 more words


DIY: Golden Egg (Triwizard Tournament)

A while ago I saw this tutorial from TheCraftMaiden;

Last week it was time to try it myself. It was real fun, and such a sense of accomplishment when you have the finished egg. 125 more words


Cre8ty Future!

Hello everyone,

Sorry it has been so long since my last post on here but as you know Cre8ty was set up as a creative blog for Cre8kits, our online independent shop from which we sell gorgeous craft kits (www.cre8kits.co.uk). 176 more words