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Looking with new eyes

Seeing things with fresh eyes.

Good morning everyone, I’m drinking tea in bed (proper tea: leaves, pot, cosy, tray). And I looked at the tea cosy, and I saw the tea cosy but it was like it was the first time. 171 more words


Wednesday Writers Pad: Are You a Competent Writer?

So, you’re a committed writer. But you’re struggling with your confidence and competence. Writing everyday will certainly help boost your confidence (some days) and build your competence (most days). 877 more words


India – A Shopper’s Paradise

Visiting a country just to shop, would never be something I would consciously do. I have heard of people booking trips to all manner of Asian and other destinations just so they can blitz the shops. 1,122 more words


In Her Own Image

I’ve posted a lot here about my creative pursuits as though they were just hobbies. But they are more. The thing is, for as long as I can remember I have been hesitant to call myself an artist or to admit I might want to be an artist. 458 more words

Folk Art

She lives...and she takes it back!

I am an unmarried woman in the peak of my life.

I take pictures of my meals, thank you and fuck you.

I love my dog and my solitude maybe more than I could ever love a child. 85 more words


New to craft beer, what should I try?

New to craft beer? Have you only drank Miller Lite or Bud Light in the past couple years unless you mix in a Blue Moon once and a while? 104 more words


What to do with all of these empty baby jars??

What do you all do with your empty baby jars? (I also save cold coffee drinks containers!) The craft hoarder in me is refusing to throw them out! 95 more words

A Dose Of Marshall