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MATERIALS: Plain paper bag.

Oil paint tubes Camel.

Blow pens.

Bucket or tub.


Brush for mixing.

Stencil Design.

PROCEDURE: Take a bucket or tub and fill it with water. 91 more words


Starting overĀ 

Ripped the square piece and started with a round one. Let’s see where we go with this.

Friendship House

Hi everyone

I hope you are all well.
Thank you all for your recent comments on the blogs.

Is anyone doing anything exciting over the weekend? 156 more words


Welcome Crafty Betches

Hey there.

I’m a self-described crafty betch. I like to make things because I’m a picky asshole and I currently have a lot of free time. 88 more words


Daily box of fun - Fridays activities for 17 month old

For more info on why I do the daily boxes please see the original post.


The activities for today are:

  1. Hand and foot painting…
  2. 1,373 more words
12-18 Months Old

Landing Craft Air Cushion: How Marines Assault a Beach Today

They rise up over obstacles like reefs on a cushion of air and to roar right up onto the beaches delivering heavy weaponry and Marines. 7 more words

July 22 and 23 at Lithia Artisans Market

Another full market. We are 38 artisans strong and ready for another magical weekend along the creek in downtown Ashland. It is always a little cooler down by the creek. 354 more words