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DIY Evil, in a Small Furry Body

The best way to do anything is to NOT know what the heck you’re doing.¬† And stick with it.

One of my friends gave me this bizarre animal face doll mask and challenged me: I can’t wait to see what you do with it! 1,075 more words


Sometimes I'm Not Sure If We're Re-Enacting "Lord of the Flies"...

I let Lin-Lin re-decorate part of the house. I let her fill the fridge with yarn. I let her bring in an entire collection of miniature creepy Santas. 157 more words


how to spend your lazy days off: make kombucha!

today is my first day off since last Friday (2/6/15). holy moley!

now I WAS planning on using today to hike Bright Angel Trail but instead I decided to take it easy since I’ll be going back to work tomorrow and I kinda tweaked my spine a little the other day… any excuse to be lazy, right? 357 more words


Hobbies and Crafties [1]

I like to make stuffed animals and use wires to make stuff in my spare time, here are some images. 13 more words


Colorful Sketches Everywhere (11th Day)

I’ve been battling a cold. Which has been¬†painful but also extremely wonderful. Mainly because I have been drinking lots of tea bundled up sketching away. 28 more words

Up-cycled Crafts

DIY Braided T-Shirt Rug in 4 Easy Steps


  • 10 old shirts
  • scissors (make sure you like them, you will be using them a lot!)
  • Needle and Thread (or sewing machine)


  1. Prepare yourself mentally and physically.
  2. 272 more words
Up-cycled Crafts

Simple 4 Step Terrarium.

I love adding bursts of color to my home. I usually accomplish this look with plants and handpicked flowers but with winter drawing nearer I will have to get a bit more creative. 146 more words