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A year of adventure - January 2018 -

Christmas in 2016 (is this chick still talking about Christmas?! no, don’t worry, hold tight) I realised that, for me, it isn’t about consumerism.. 568 more words


Knitting Mimic

Mimic is a pattern that needs you to make wise yarn choices. Early last year, I attempted to make this sweater with some older yarn from my stash. 196 more words

Getting Crafty

Baking/cooking and not spending $

This weekend is a continuation of below freezing weather. I’m really missing those warm summer days and growing my own food! However, I have been enjoying making soup with the tomatoes that I preserved and eating my own pickles, catsup, garlic and green beans! 214 more words

An actual productive day

I feel like I should have had more of them so far but, I’ll take whatever I can get at this point. I did everything on my to-do list today (not that it was a long list). 265 more words


The knitting report

I’ve sworn high and low I would not fall to the great textile siren call, but a few years ago I decided it would be a mistake not to learn to knit. 224 more words

Melt & Mix Crayons

Coloring is an easy activity to get everyone involved in until Baby A starts taking bites of out his favorite colors and my middle little shreds the paper off of his. 315 more words


DIY Incense Holder

This week I found a jewelry display stand at GIRO for $1, a black hand like a few others I have collected for my market display. 71 more words