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Counterfeit Arts: Stained Glass

So when I got home from school today, and I breezed through my virtually non existent homework, I found myself sitting at my desk with absolutely nothing to do. 353 more words

Counterfeit Arts

Hello again! I'm still here.

Is this thing on? Hi! To anyone reading this, hello and thank you! Man, I sure did start things out ambitious, didn’t I? I blogged for about two straight weeks, then spiraled off into oblivion. 1,331 more words


Today Off My Needles...

Sock Pair #3 is D-O-N-E. I am amazed at how fast socks are flying off my needles! I have a 1.5 hour commute during the day, so socks are the perfect project. 136 more words


March is all about DIY

Did your March come in like a lion?  It was a balmy -5 here, but activity-wise, mine was a lion.  Wall-to-wall activity all weekend.  Since the end of hockey season is on the horizon, however, I have a feeling that it will go out much more like a lamb.  211 more words


Corner to corner progress

Last week I posted a picture of the corner to corner blanket. It’s a really quick crochet, and I love the way the colours are rippling. 80 more words


Nail Polish Mugs

I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. I love it because I’ve gotten a lot of cool ideas from there that have worked well. I hate it because I’ve gotten a lot of seemingly cool ideas from there that have tanked (plus there’s the whole time-sucking aspect of it.) So when I saw the Pin about using nail polish on a white coffee mug to create abstract art, I was skeptical. 581 more words

Coffee Mug

light up, light up...

Back in November, which feels a life time ago, when Mr T and I stayed in the really nice cottage that was a bit too small for someone of his height, (Poor lad had to walk with what I call ‘soft knees’ when he was downstairs) we were brave and went for a walk in the village. 501 more words