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Serenova Crafts Episode 68: May the Fourth be with you

Bad lighting today, but things seem to be picking up in my knitting, so that’s good!

Waiting for Rain

Waiting for Rain
ZickZack Scarf


No Man's Sky - "Daddy, I think I am more excited than You!"

“Daddy, I think I am more excited than You!”

My Son is 5 yeaRs old and the bastard keeps asking, everyday, "Daddy, has that game downloaded yet?" … 63 more words

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No Man's Sky - Leaving first planet will be bittersweet

Leaving first planet will be bittersweet

I know many people won't think twice about leaving the first planet. It's an exploration game and there's a lot out there to see and experience. 112 more words

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Knitting Upgrade

After an afternoon of publicly knitted slow motion moss stitch, I decided to investigate purling with the yarn held behind – for the purposes of increased speed and correspondingly, pride. 21 more words

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No Man's Sky - Why I'm glad that there aren't weapons

Why I’m glad that there aren’t weapons

What I mean by that is dedicated weapons, like rifles or pistols. I like having one tool that does everything from mine to blasting vicious alien predators/space pirates. 45 more words

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Stone Medicine, Grounded

For me, it began with the plants. By which I mean that it was the plants who first helped me to see that the world is alive with medicine… 817 more words


May the Fourth be with You

I am not quite sure why I posted that title on today’s blog. I just know that I heard it on different media sources several times this morning, May 4, 2016, and I thought it sounded pretty catchy. 488 more words