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Nursery On A Budget: Part 2

I was raised by a Home Depot Dad.

And guess what? It definitely rubbed off on me.

Besides Michaels, which I obviously consider my church, … 1,144 more words


PDK (Public Displays of Knitting)

Knitting (or really any kind of crafting) in public seems, for some reason, to be somewhat problematic.  In spite of being a relatively harmless activity, crafting in public seems to bother people. 343 more words


Thank You to Con or Bust 2017 Auction Bidders!

This year was my second year offering something for Con or Bust‘s yearly online auction.

To my delight, both of my sleep masks were bid on, and they’re now in the mail to their new homes. 105 more words


Mariposa damaged and repaired

I honestly had thought that the first thing to go on the wonderful Mariposa throw would be that green border around the edge. I was so convinced of this that… 324 more words


Abby Franquemont’s 3 Tips for Spinning Large Projects


These are fairly common sense ideas, until you try to put them into practice.  1, have what you need at hand (she then elaborates that you don’t want to stop in the middle of everything to prep more fiber)  2, do a warm up spin, this sounds much like all of the advice to sample, sample, sample, etc.  90 more words


The Inbetween Renders

Here are a few random and quick renders that I have made in between surviving, performing and working. Enjoy!

That’s it for now although I have a lot of ongoing projects in 3D that I am working on that will hopefully be ready pretty soon. Thanks reading!



So I figured(especially considering I have a brief that recommends me to do so in like two days) I would post some images of previous renders whilst I first started learning how to use Cinema 4D as well as odd renders for briefs etc. 354 more words