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Craft Haul!!! :D

So I went to wally-world yesterday and went a tad crazy in the craft section. This is what I picked up :p

I got some hemp rope to make a belt for my father (I will post how that goes) He wants it to look rustic so that’s what i am going to go for.   32 more words


Origami Earrings!

So, I saw these super cute origami crane earrings at this store in the mall, and I thought “Wow, those are so cool I bet I could make them!”. 86 more words


RIP Dozer

About a month ago, my brother-in-laws dog was put down. He was 15, had a large tumor on his side that was sort of a problem for his mobility, and was going deaf and blind (not so great for any dog but especially not for one with only one eye to begin with). 110 more words


Angie Update

seems I have to run and get more supplies to continue on her little journey but I will pick it up next week once my BF can get me a couple sharpies. 71 more words


It's getting there

This is my progress so far on the first crochet project. It’s starting to look kind of bag like and I definitely feel like I have got the hang of chain and single crochet. Result!


Create fun glasses for your holiday BBQ!

Happy Memorial Day!

Decorating these drinking glasses is fast & if you’re a crafter you probably already have the supplies around your house.  You can use regular glass jars or fun glasses like we did.  7 more words


Damaged Nerves, Tote bags and Teapots

So its been a while but I have a good excuse. :)  My finger has been in a splint for the last 3 weeks or so. 363 more words