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Countdown to Christmas 20: Easy ornament

I’ve seen this idea now on Pinterest, in a magazine, and in a newspaper in various forms, but the basic concept is the same.

Take a plastic ornament and remove the metal hanger. 126 more words


Day 4 of Craftsmas: A DIY Christmas Gift Guide

Admit it already; Christmas shopping is no longer your thing! It’s tiresome trying to find the perfect gift among crowds of people at the mall. They push and shove and do everything but put you in the holiday spirit. 200 more words


A Very Merry Candlenights to You...and You...and You

I am in love with the McElroy Brothers.

Yes, all three of them. At the same time.

Not romantic love, no. But a deeper, truer love. 833 more words


Countdown to Christmas 21: Dishing out some craftyness

(Also published in the Concord Monitor’s LiveWell on Dec. 2, 2016)

Decorate plates and dishware to serve up some Christmas cheer. Plain ceramic/stoneware dishes can be purchased at discount stores or department stores for about $1 a piece, or pick some up used from a thrift store. 185 more words


Christmas gift ideas – for the reader

As I was finishing the little vest for my Tabaki Jackal challenge I kept thinking (and thinking) about the book that inspired it all, Mariam Petrosyan’s… 517 more words


Countdown to Christmas 22: Preserving and sharing family recipes.

(Also published in the Concord Monitor’s LiveWell on Dec. 2, 2016)

Much-loved recipes written on paper cards soon get worn, ripped and stained by mysterious kitchen gunk. 261 more words


3 easy DIY tree decorations for non-craft people

I love putting up my Christmas tree. I have a compact, easy-to-put-up artificial tree (real ones aren’t my preference) with two-tone green needles giving it a pretty good natural look. 946 more words