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All the shawls...

I love shawls. They’re so handy. When I had the room, I used to carry one folded up in my bag during the summer in case I ended up in a building with arctic AC. 533 more words

Crafts And All Things Yarnie

1/23/19 Dosing Diary

I decided to change things up a little by taking less Elephant and more White Maeng Da… so my dose for this morning and this afternoon (same mix) is… … 369 more words


My latest adventure in yarn dyeing

So…. I finally got the chance to use some of that beautiful bare yarn that Joe got me for Christmas. Usually, I have a picture in my head of how I want it to look before I start. 344 more words

Crafts And All Things Yarnie

Feeling like a human

I can’t say this very often but today, I felt like a human being. I usually don’t feel great most days, as depression usually keeps me inside myself all too often. 357 more words


1/15/19 Evening dose change

I decided to shake up my evening dose by mixing 2 teaspoons of Red Agatha from Christopher’s Organic Botanicals and 2 teaspoons of Red Maeng Da that we already had. 25 more words


More thoughts on Whole30 challenge

I talked to Joe’s Mom about wanting to take the Whole30 challenge. She’s interested in it as I explained to her that it’s mostly about finding the sources of inflammation. 571 more words


A small change

I added half a teaspoon of Green Maeng Da to my morning and afternoon dose. Oddly, my ears were ringing, especially my right one for a good while after I took my morning dose. 147 more words