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Counting Down To Easter With Kids - Potato Stamping Easter Eggs & Bunnies

The other day I was looking for something in the cellar and I found one of the things I hate most in the world. No, no a mouse, thankfully, although I am not too fond of them either. 528 more words


Winter Watercolor & New Rhythm

My son recently did watercolor painting and then sprinkled some salt on it before it dried. It turned out lovely and reminiscent of snow, which is what it was supposed to do. 224 more words

Crafts With Children

Scrap Sunday: Yarn doll

When I created that big mess with my unwound skein of wool over Christmas, I suddenly remembered the yarn dolls we used to make in school. 639 more words

Walnut Boats on a Rainy Day

We have had a long awaited day of rain. It has been very welcome, fun, and so cozy! All day yesterday I was anticipating rain so we stayed in. 113 more words

Crafts With Children

Homemade gifts: Candle holder!

We have made these tea-light holders a few time for Mother’s Day as well as┬áChristmas gifts. They are so easy to make and look fab! 78 more words

Teaching children budgeting and money saving

At 9 and 6 years, our children are now at an age where they have some concept of ‘earning money’. We recently introduced pocket-money, in return for small jobs around the house. 340 more words

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