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Autumn Crafts for Little Ones -Paper Toadstool Window Display

My mother in law adores mushroom gathering in the forest. She has taken us along a few times and the boys were fascinated by the all the different types and that only some types may safely be eaten. 502 more words


Autumn Crafts For Little Ones - Walnut Ladybirds

Anyone following me over on Instagram will know that it is raining walnuts in our garden these days. Every few seconds, if you are out in the garden, you’ll hear a plonk as a walnut lands on the patio or there’ll be a mouse-like rustle from the rosebush announcing that a walnut or two have dropped down into it. 487 more words


Volcanic Rock Candle Experiment for Children

I have spoken before on the blog about Number Two, my pre-schooler, and his interest in learning. In recent times that interest has interest has manifested itself in… 512 more words


7 Tips on Jam-Making With Kids

Its that time of year again when tons of delicious fruit is coming into season and the supermarket shelves fill up with jam sugar, jars and lables. 627 more words


Counting Down To Easter With Kids - Potato Stamping Easter Eggs & Bunnies

The other day I was looking for something in the cellar and I found one of the things I hate most in the world. No, no a mouse, thankfully, although I am not too fond of them either. 528 more words


Winter Watercolor & New Rhythm

My son recently did watercolor painting and then sprinkled some salt on it before it dried. It turned out lovely and reminiscent of snow, which is what it was supposed to do. 224 more words

Crafts With Children