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Felted Spirit Dolls

I’m finally feeling on the mend, so I’ve been doing some crafting — of course. I started playing around freely with my felt and came up with these little dolls:

Cutting Paper Valentines with Elizabeth Cobbold

Valentine’s Day has finally provided me with some inspiration and motivation to get back to my writing desk! Many of today’s holidays were celebrated very differently in the Georgian and Regency periods, but Valentine’s Day is an exception. 1,221 more words


How to Weave a Yarn Basket

Check out this awesome Instructable we did a few years ago.


Thick twine or clothesline
Plastic needle


DIY Valentine's Day Craft: Heart Garlands

Hello there! Today I’m going to be sharing with you guys two DIY heart shaped garlands that I made this morning. To make both of the garlands, it only takes about 30-45 minutes, depending on how much detail you add to them. 458 more words


Painting the Self Portrait Step by Step

This morning seemed the perfect time to start my self portrait. Dawn was bright and the air outside a crisp 4 degrees Fahrenheit, so why not stay inside and fiddle with paints? 580 more words


Valentine's Day Card Box

My son had his Valentine’s Day party at school this week and he wanted to make a robot box for collecting the cards. We gathered the boxes that we had available (which weren’t many because we get a little obsessive about recycling them at times) and he figured out which ones would work for his design. 373 more words