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Cloudy With a Chance of Sawdust

This weekend, Faith and I bundled up and went to the Woodworking Show at the Big-E Fairgrounds. We’ve been going to this show every January for a very long time. 354 more words


On intellectual craft 

I’m currently reading On Intellectual Craftsmanship, in preparation for a talk I’m doing in Berlin next week. This famous appendix to The Sociological Imagination is something I’ve long been inspired by, finding in it a way of organising my own life that belies the text’s apparently humble ambition to merely guide the novice scholar through the daily minutiae of scholarship. 647 more words


Writing: Art and Craft

Over the years since college I’ve mostly worked with my hands to earn a living. Until motivated by starvation (hyperbole), I had always expected to have a career in music or through literature (one way or another). 681 more words


Fancy Fixed

Done! Today marks the official end of all work that we’re paying to have completed as part of our home renovation loan, meaning that everything uncompleted at this point is our fault. 493 more words


Purple Pear Pipe

My leather dye came early! Well, arguably late, since it was an Amazon Prime item but took almost two weeks to get to me, but it was projected not to arrive until Monday. 368 more words


Volez, Voguez, Voyagez - Louis Vuitton

The exhibition explores the House of Louis Vuitton from 1854 to the present, curated by Olivier Saillard. A wonderful exhibition showing the craftsmanship and imagination of the House throughout more than a century. 24 more words


Manifesto for software craftsmanship

Disclaimer:  For those not familiar with the agile manifesto, this post might not make too much sense.

I’m prepping some training material for 2018, and was wondering how I can enhance the training from being pure process driven, to actually providing values to my teams.   114 more words