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Lawn Mowing and Dimmer Switches

What do lawn mowing and dimmer switches have in common, you ask.  Well, read on and find out.  Yesterday I mowed the lawn, with a push mower, and it hadn’t been mowed in almost three weeks.   367 more words


Craftsmanship, Part 2

I think it’s a good thing when I need a second post to talk about the craftsmanship going on at our job site.  We have been up to our eyeballs in drywall and drywallers the past two weeks, and I got to thinking, these people are craftsmen, too.   380 more words



In today’s world of prefab this and plastic that, it’s good to know that there are still some craftsmen out there who build from scratch.  And it’s even better to know that these craftsmen are working on our home.   546 more words



While in Melbourne I’ve come across so many stupidly cool homewares and interior stores. They’ve got every finger on the pulse. I found this online store, … 57 more words


Crafted By Hands - A Rustic Wood Tradition

I am really getting into it now. My winter visit to Colonial Williamsburg has given me much inspiration. I knew it would. I have ordered some traditional hand tools from Lee Valley. 215 more words


"Art as expression, not as market campaigns"

The title of this post is in quotes because I didn’t make it up… it’s a lyric from the song “Natural Science” by Rush.  475 more words