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Stimulating Colour 

This may or may not post! I’m flirting with the internet, and not enjoying it. I have good reason to believe that the problem WILL be sorted this time – but we wait to see. 73 more words



but possibly not as you know it! This is water-soluble.

Completely unlike the soluble fabrics it is designed to remain as part of the design.


More Embellisher

I thought I’d add this today after a couple of frantic emails following yesterday’s post. This is a sample from a while ago – so some of you will have seen it in passing. 85 more words


💌✏️Handwriting tag 📝✉️

Hi guys

How r u all doing today? I’m having a chilled Monday with my Mum and the cheeky monkey that is my brother 🐵🐒 248 more words



Fibres can make a fabric very easily. Silk, cotton, bamboo, viscose…… Those shown below are a blend of viscose and bamboo.

The background was made using the embellisher, one of my favourite tools! 18 more words



Over printing is a very useful way to add texture to fabric – especially dyed or pre-patterned.

And that holds true – even if all you do is ‘scribble’ :D


Not quite white

This is somewhat more formal than you might expect – and from a long time ago. It’s a scissor’s holder, and I don’t use it. 24 more words