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Cat bed

The weather here has been very weird for January. It had gone from cold and wintery, to warm and springlike, back to arctic and snow. It all just makes me want to stay in bed until spring really and truly arrives. 448 more words


super easy, no-candy valentines that will make your slacker butt look like a pinterest parent

I get that Boomers are like, OMG Millennial Parents And Their Special Snowflake Children. They see our birthday parties and class Valentines and think we’re a bunch of overachievers. 362 more words


a superhero girls' fourth birthday

My kids are 3 months from turning 5, so now seems like a great time to blog about their fourth birthday party. I was kind of a mess last spring and not blogging much, but I don’t want to not document this on my blog. 231 more words


2016 Christmas Decorations

It’s December 31st, and very uncharacteristically for us, the Christmas decorations have already started coming down. I am a big believer that the decorations should stay up until the twelfth night (i.e. 380 more words

Dumpster Fire Ornament Crafting Party

2016 has really taken a toll on me. It started out on a low note with the death of David Bowie. I was in the emergency room the very next day from a kidney stone attack. 392 more words

Chicago Bears Nails

I’m not a huge fan of sports but I am a huge fan of nails! So I got creative for the NFL season kickoff and featured the Chicago Bears with nail decals. 147 more words

Stay At Home Mom

Crafternoon: Doll Cradle

It’s no secret that I love handmade toys… And since my specialty is handsewn dolls, my daughter has taken a liking to playing pretend with all her dolls. 86 more words