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Well last week went by in a blur. I’ve only got a few weeks till the end of my school year and there has been so much stuff I have had to do for school etc so I never even got a chance to blog at all last week. 257 more words


Make some extra cash blogging with Cricut.

I make a few dollars a month from doing ads.  And the Cricut affiliate program has given me permission to send a few bloggers over to them to sign up for the Cricut affiliate program.  90 more words

The Blog

I won the Plushie competition !!!! 

I entered a competition about a month ago I think and it was to draw a picture that would be made into a plushie. So I decided as I absolutely adore anything  Kawaii I would try and do something like that. 117 more words


70s Tunic Update!

I previously chronicled the creation of the 1976 Flannel Tunic. As well as it turned out, it wasn’t a great fit on me. I decided to offer it to my mom. 60 more words


DIY: Pallet Table

This is one of my favorite projects. If you have ever been on this little site named Pinterest, you would notice that people are now obsessed with mason jars and pallet projects. 216 more words


DIY: Terrarium

I am personally a fan of terrariums for the following reasons:

– It’s a great way to add a cute piece to your apartment with pops of color… 180 more words


Catholic Peg Doll Swap: How To

Saint Peg Doll Swaps are the latest “thing” in the Catholic Mom world.

I have heard about them and seen them…but never done one. So, this Lent I decided to give it a go and host my own office “Saint Peg Doll Swap”. 215 more words