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magnifier cover

I am unable to embroider the Victorian Street crewel work piece whilst seated on the sofa because the frame is wide and it’s just awkward to turn it over in a restricted space, but I wanted… 118 more words

Crafty Bits

needlepoint sampler #2

Yesterday I finished the needlepoint sampler, added a fabric border and attached it to the footstool. Taa Daa! I’m not sure how well it might wear but it adds a nice splash of colour to an otherwise plain carpeted floor. 133 more words

Arty Attempts

V is for...

As of this past Wednesday, Nolan is now 22 weeks old (and officially 5 months old!). With Christmas around the corner we’ve been busy getting ready for family coming to town, but here are a few highlights from our week that don’t have to do with cleaning :) 281 more words


U is for...

Nolan is now 21 weeks old! Our little man is growing so fast. Here are a few highlights from our past week:


box of birds 3rd panel

Panel number three is the pied wagtail, balancing on a fence post.

The fence: lollipop sticks cut to size with a craft knife and coloured with wax crayons. 70 more words


box of birds flowers

This past week I’ve been working on the background for the pied wagtail but it’s not quite finished so you’ll have to wait a day or two for the main reveal. 110 more words


box of birds 2nd panel

The robin is now stitched to his perch. I stretched sufficient silk over a base layer of muslin on my Millenium frame to give enough room for another panel to be stitched before the fabric comes off the frame so I’ll have to cover up the robin so it doesn’t get damaged while I stitch the next bird. 33 more words