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Bridal Bouquet: No place to vase

For my wedding last year my husband and I went with super simple: Court House wedding.

There were many wedding traditions that we skipped and vetoed, but one of them I kept was having a bridal bouquet. 853 more words


Half Price Day at Salvation Army!

Time to get busy! I LOVE repurposing items & making products & decor!


Natural Dyeing with Black Beans

I recently went through a bunch of my clothes to get rid of some clutter in my drawers. I found a few old worn out white tank tops and thought that I’d give them a new life as headbands. 320 more words

All Natural

So Sorry....

So, I’m sorry you guys that I haven’t been posting anything. I…Chas was supposed to get paid yesterday so we have .90 cents to our name, I had to plead with the electric company to keep our power on because (of course) yesterday was the final day before disconnection, and now… I am smoking a stale cigar I found in Chas’ car from a year ago because I NEED A CIGARETTE. 615 more words

I am that hero!

All this year we have been working as a class on coming to an understanding that we all are heroes. That our actions each and every day can make an impact on others, which in turn can cause those others to have an impact on even more people than we would ever imagine. 77 more words


A Birthday Gift :: Frogged

Well, here we are, Thursday. I “canceled” WIP Wednesday as it was simply gorgeous yesterday. The warm sunshine was just begging us to come out and play. 359 more words


Lightning Sparkly Headband

Did anyone guess the Lightning’s first playoff game?!

Yep, the first day of presale I got up early to score the hubs and I some tickets! 355 more words