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Moveable Memories

For Christmas, I gave the Pie a stick. This stick, to be specific. It’s actually a piece of moulding too knotty for my dad to use, and I scavenged it out of his garage. 457 more words


A lot of bit of crazy!

So, it’s been a little over 1 week of me staying home with baby girl. I enjoy it for the most part. Sometimes its frustrating and hard. 369 more words

DIY Bridal hair piece

Crafty fingers strikes again!

Haven seen a lovely, beaded hair piece on Pinterest, I decided I should make one myself! Should be easy, right?!

All I needed to do was pop into… 118 more words

To the Person Who Says She Isn’t “Crafty”…

We get it. It’s easy to write yourself off as “not crafty” when it seems like others turn anything they touch into crafting magic. We’re talking about the mom in your kid’s class who somehow turned packaged brownies into reindeer, and even came up with a pun to tie the whole ensemble together; the neighbor who has 20 scrapbooks for each kid, grandkid, and pet; the Facebook friend who spontaneously refinished her kitchen table and chairs over the weekend. 887 more words


Vision Board - 2017

Finding my Vision for 2017!

I know it has been a while since I have posted :(  I enjoy the blog so much but feel a little overwhelmed and feel I over think the content of the blog a little too much!  290 more words


Recipe Box Makeover

My mom had this recipe box in the closet for a few years so I asked her if I could have it. I didn’t like the original look so I gave it a makeover. 220 more words

Create With Me


Some months ago I made these hand puppets for my daughter’s best friend, Evelyn, for her birthday.  The puppets represent her, her mother, her two fathers, and their dog, Nickel. 141 more words