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29th Galway Film Fleadh 2017 | Screening Today

Day 2 of the 29th Galway Film Fleadh

“Between being both a UNESCO City of Film and the destined European Capital of Culture in 2020, we felt more pressure than ever to deliver a programme to satisfy the cineaste audiences in Galway but I think we’ve put together something for everyone across the six days,” he said. 595 more words

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Some practicalities

As a parent of identical twin girls, a common question people tend to ask is, how do with tell the girls apart. This can be easily rectified when they’re newborns by putting nail varnish on the finger nail of one baby, however make sure you note which one has it, as otherwise it’s a bit pointless! 493 more words

Identical Twins

Things I can't live without

The heading of this post sounds a bit cliché for a blog post but I didn’t know how to word it lol. Basically, after using these things I don’t feel satisfied using anything else. 1,099 more words


Black Don't Craic Series: Part 3, Meeting Steven

I talked to man who fishes on the Renvyle coast for lobster. Steven is a short but solidly built man, who’s wind-swept ruddy face broke into a million wrinkles when he gave a less-than-toothy grin. 314 more words

Black Don't Craic Series: Part 2, Quick-Wit

I’d like to think that I’m quick on my feet when it comes to witty repartee, but the Irish have me beat. I should have known better, of course. 508 more words


Why are people so fascinated and drawn to twins – identical twins in particular? Of course they are unique individuals but so alike that they garner plenty of attention. 456 more words

Identical Twins

A Weekend in Dublin: Not a Drinking Trip

I have a crippling fear of being bored. Thanks to my dad’s work, I moved around a lot as a kid, and I was lucky enough to travel through most of Europe. 3,299 more words