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Throwback to Craic 10k

​Working backward to fill in the blanks before the blog began.

Funny enough the blog became a thing because I was alreafy writing about all the races and runs I was doing so made sense to have them on a blog. 452 more words


Guinness Girls

3 months ago, I was absolutely set on going to Dubai for my birthday. I did a ton of research on flights and hotels but after booking an incredible summer adventure (more on that soon), I was left with just £50 and broken dreams. 1,915 more words


PD4102 (Design Studio) Assignment 2: Cardboard Chair!

This was a strange one to be honest the brief was trying to be relatable to the class as we were tasked with designing ‘festival furniture’ that could be light due to the fact that it was made out of cardboard. 294 more words

College Work

Ireland, Part 1: Brexit, Dublin Pride, and Irish Football

Even though I am across the Atlantic, I have felt perfectly at home in Baile Atha Cliath (“Dublin Town” in Gaelic). Perhaps it is due to coming away from a rough (but fun!) 3 weeks in South America, but I feel like I have had time to fully recover and enjoy myself here already. 1,206 more words

Craft, Craic and Cuisine: In Search of Ireland’s Craft Beer Pubs | IrelandYes! Ireland Dream Trip Blog

By Mark Andersen I took a very short visit to Dublin recently.  My goal for this trip was to investigate and enjoy the resurgence in Irish craft beer that has occurred in the past decade and… 18 more words


Ireland on tour in France. Let the madness begin!!

It’s no secret that the Irish like to migrate, and have done so for thousands of years; some by choice and some by necessity. Where ever you go I’m sure they can be found roaming all over the world .In the past week gone there have been thousands leaving the country to fly to France for the euros, and i don’t mean Eurovision!! 580 more words

Life in Ireland

Okay, this will be my first blog written in English. I think it’s only appropriate that I should write about my life in Ireland.

Bureaucracy… 999 more words