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The Grand Stretch

Last week I started biking (cycling, as they call it here) to work. My hours have been pretty long since I started my current project, and I’ve noticed that my health has declined – both in my workout schedule as well as what I eat. 196 more words



Today was a beautiful day in Ireland’s capital – about 14 degrees Celsius (57 F) with bright blue clear skies. By 1:30pm, Katherine (my housemate) and I had gone to church, enjoyed breakfast/brunch at… 284 more words


Journey to Life: having the craic!

“Oh I don’t know exactly what I want in a date.  Just someone I can have the craic with”

(Person on “First Dates Ireland”)

And so it slowly became the mantra of the show we are all addicted to on RTE.  

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On Sunday evening I had an epiphany. Granted, it was work-related (I’m a management consultant), but bear with me – I promise there’s a point! 276 more words


10 gifs that perfectly describe the typical hairdresser-client conversation 

With hairdressing being a huge communication-based profession, it comes with tonnes of chat and personal conversations. I’m sure plenty of stylists can relate to each of these lol… 102 more words


Harp Lager, A Lager From the Guinness Breweries

Beer: Harp Lager

Beer Style: Pale Lager

Brewery: Guinness/Diageo

Abv: 5.00%

Serving method: Bottle poured into glass

Country of Origin: Ireland/Canada

Background: Harp Lager is not one of my favorite beers. 166 more words


2017 St Patrick's day guide 

Forget about secretly celebrating St George’s day with a single beer and a conspirator nod to an English man. It’s time to celebrate the patron saint of our cousins from the Emerald Isle. 642 more words