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Drummer of Vengeance (Il giorno del giudizio)1971

The title character is a small mechanical toy, the only thing our hero finds in the ruins of his home when he comes home from the war, a Union officer(Ty Hardin who we know only as the Stranger), finding the home burned to the ground. 256 more words

Spaghetti Western

I Want Him Dead(Lo Voglio Morto)1968

The first thing I noticed when I started watching I WANT HIM DEAD was that it seemed far different from most in the spaghetti genre I’ve watched over the last few years. 354 more words


The Dirty Fifteen(Quindici Forche Per Un Assassino)1967

This film, as seemed to be the case back then, had several American titles. Fifteen Scaffolds For The Killer(variant 15 Scaffolds) were the other two. The title comes from the two groups of men being pursued by a posse of almost every able bodied man in town. 398 more words


Review: "The Flight That Disappeared" (1961)

“TERROR IN THE SKY…beyond known flight!” If only this film a higher budget and better acting, it might be considered one of the better science fiction films to come out of the Cold War era. 357 more words

Science Fiction

Three Crosses Not To Die(Tre Croci Per Non Morire)1968

As seems usual with films in the spaghetti western genre, multiple titles, depending on the release, was the norm. In the U.S., this one appeared under NO GRAVES ON BOOT HILL as well as the one heading the post. 400 more words


My Horse...My Gun...Your Widow(Domani Passo A Salutare La Tua Vedova... Parola Di Epidemia)1972

Another western comedy made in the wake of the Trinity films successes in the late days of the spaghetti western.

Three men, Doctor Janus Saxon(Craig Hill), safe cracker Donovan(Carlos Otero), and a Mexican bandit named Carrasco (Chris Huerta) rob a bank. 513 more words