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Which Member of The Four Seasons Is Probably My Spirit Animal?

Saw “Jersey Boys” Saturday night with Brandon and Kelly, had dinner at Grille 36, was bummed they got rid of these tacos that I loved, had a great night regardless because that show is so good. 604 more words


First things first–I have new creative nonfiction up over at Neutrons Protons.

Paul came home from his Saturday-morning tai chi class on the phone with his mom, while I was in the middle of watching a Mark Reads… 682 more words


What to do in: Los Angeles

LA – the city of Angels. So naturally I fit in quite well here. I think LA was the place I had the highest expectations to and what I saw did really meet up to the expectations that I held. 720 more words

Brandi Glanville Drunk in WeHo, Again.

Brandi Glanville was wasted again at Craig’s in Weho. I need y’all to stop what you are doing and run don’t walk to TMZ and see the video here. 298 more words

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"I'm the second most famous person in here"

So I casually ate dinner relatively close to one of the worlds most famous and most photographed woman in the world. You want another hint to who it is: she’s preggers again. 204 more words