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Nice Shot: Fifteenth NorCal Installment

I can’t fully explain why other people’s junk makes me wish I had more than twenty bucks in my checking account, but the shots above should help you fill in the blanks. 42 more words

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Active ingredients.

The bus I should’ve been on just passed by, but I’ve been busy looking at old cars on Craigslist.

I noticed the calendar was a month behind and the clock on the headboard was two hours ahead, but I’ve been busy walking the dog. 49 more words

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Mega Bunch of Craigslist Finds! W/E of June 26th

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, like maybe even weeks, but there was a redonkulous explosion of good stuff on the List of Craig this weekend. 272 more words

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Nice Shot: Fourteenth NorCal Installment

Time can certainly take quite a toll on things. Wrinkles or rust, both have a certain undeniable appeal as they generally come with nostalgic associations and scars from an adventure or two. 65 more words

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Why the Mitsubishi Mirage Is a Better Investment Than a Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Photo credit: TheCarConnection.com

Car enthusiasts typically flock in herds. Cars with hype sell quicker than Smart TV’s on Cyber Monday and before you know it, every autocross this side of the the Mississippi has at least eight Scion FRS’s. 766 more words


Nice Shot: Thirteenth NorCal Installment

Recently, I’ve been spending my spare time driving cars instead of digging around Craigslist looking for pictures of them. I’ve navigated Kansas highway thunderstorms in a boring, but spry little Kia, been off road in a worn out Ford 150 and made my way across the Bay Bridge on a fairly regular basis in a Toyota with more safety features than horsepower. 59 more words

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An Ode To The E-Type

Enzo Ferrari once called the Jaguar E Type the most beautiful car ever made. Despite its somewhat questionable reliability, particularly of British electronics, the timeless stylings of this UK export make it one of the most desired classic cars. 114 more words