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Foraging for food

This flock of painted storks  (Mycteria leucocephala) foraged for food in tandem. As the small pond had shrunken , the birds were definitely cramped for space. 12 more words

Chance Encounters


Chrysalis: (n) a preparatory or transitional state.

The main reason I don’t want to come out of my cocoon is that I don’t think I’ll end up being a pretty butterfly. 212 more words

C Words

#1748 - Hide

While playing hide and seek and shoot each other with Nerf guns on Christmas Day, Donovan insisted I hide in some rather cramped quarters. I am not, for the record, a small man, and Donovan seemed to think I was smaller than I actually am.

Sketch A Day

Sleeper bus (open bus) in Vietnam

Sleeper buses are maybe the main way to move around the Country if you don’t want to buy a motorbike and you want to travel cheap. 211 more words


Matatus in Mombasa, Kenya

Let’s start in the place where the idea first came to my mind…

…wait, was it Mombasa? I guess so, but I’m not really sure. 118 more words



Look what I recreated this morning in my oh so cramped kitchen — mouth watering Fudge Brownies.



Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. 7 more words

Daily Prompts, Topic Ideas

These boots are made for walkin'

Finding the correct fit for my shoes has been a lifetime struggle.

Probably like a lot of people, one foot (right) is bigger than the other. 194 more words

My View Of The World