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Sometimes life is hard

So the past few months have been a challenge. . . I was behind on rent because I had lost my job. about 2 months later, I found another job thankfully and I began working full time and making minimum wage. 235 more words

We're gonna need a bigger boat... A 2 Day Journey To Laos

First uttered in that iconic film many years ago, these words had never resonated with me before – until now. As person after person made their way towards the back of the boat, resembling a scene from another nostalgic flashback – Lemmings, the only direction this boat was going, was down. 1,853 more words


Fight or Flight.

This weekend in Barcelona was to say the least, an intense one. The night life in Barcelona is extraordinary on it’s own, but this weekend was… 668 more words


Close quarters

Apart from sleep deprivation, I think the biggest challenge for me is sharing a small room with a stranger.  Or anyone for that matter.  It just compounds the lack of personal space I already have.  148 more words


Vietnamese New Year - The Build Up and Travel

Being in Vietnam during their New Year has turned out to be both thoroughly enjoyable but also a massive pain. Now it’s probably something I should have looked into more but honestly I had no idea it would be this big. 515 more words


The Pinta and the Nina

I love boats and ships.  In fact, the white noise that I use to help me fall asleep most night is an app that has a boat sounds selection.  384 more words