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"Lady parts"

DISCLAIMER: Men (if there are any that read this blog of mine that is) this may or may not have a little TMI and talk of girlie stuff with a side of CF. 880 more words


How to Prevent a Runner's Trots During a Race


    It is any bathroom break during or after a run, characterized by cramping, flatulence, diarrhea, and urge to defecate.  This is common among long distance-runners. 188 more words

Happy Body

Crunch Time & Cramp Time

Finally had an appointment with a USAF recruiter. She was awesome. Took all of my information and documents, information, etc., gave me the security packet (I already started the USN one but it turned out to be slightly different), and told me to lose 10 pounds before going to medical. 138 more words

Round 2 Of Flu-like Symptoms

Date: 7dp3dt

Side effects: Severe headache (that just doesn’t go away), body aches, skin sensitivity, tired, random pangs of cramps

It’s almost 10pm and I’m going through round 2 of flu-like symptoms. 185 more words

Pain In The Uterus

Date: 4dt3dt

Side effects: Lots of cramps, constipation, vivid dreams, tired, very slight headache, boobs not hurting

Considering being oncall, I got a decent amount of sleep (6 hours). 115 more words

More about Balance! A doterra essential oil


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