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At least we are still heading in the right direction...

Today I am 12w3d pregnant. One week away from the second trimester (although that’s to be debated…I guess technically I could be there already by hitting 12 weeks or I could be 10 days away if I considered 14 weeks to be the start…I’ll go with the happy medium).@@ 782 more words

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

IUDid it

CW: Menstrual blood – ahhhhhhh!! My uterus!! But really this shouldn’t all be a shocker as we are talking about birth control.

Remember how I went to a… 729 more words

Misfit Matriarch


The last few weeks I’ve been experiencing awful pain & period like cramps. Sorry to the dudes reading this, but it’s like my period is here, or on the way, but nothing has happened since December (and no, I’m not pregnant). 67 more words


Day Six: How Cramping Doesn't Cramp You

Shame upon me, I’m late!

In spending an evening listening to remixes of the glorious compositions of the underestimated Ennio Morricone, I entirely forgot to put up a post last night. 496 more words

Ignoring the Signs

How could this happen?  Years earlier, I did experience strange digestive issues.  Friends have told me that I had mentioned stomach problems.  Some of the complaints I talked about were bloating and pain, without being too explicit.  260 more words

Where did the time go?

October 1st 2015, I had arrived at one of my first milestones, the wonderful year of TRUE adulthood. I have waited for this day for several years!!!! 679 more words


Review: Feb 27 - Mar 5... Of PMS, Cramps and PCOS

Its was an uneventful week.

Saturday, Tennis was a disaster! I forgot to play with my forearm and ended up massacring balls. This only makes me tired and frustrated. 742 more words

2016 - This Year Is Mine!