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Round 2 Of Flu-like Symptoms

Date: 7dp3dt

Side effects: Severe headache (that just doesn’t go away), body aches, skin sensitivity, tired, random pangs of cramps

It’s almost 10pm and I’m going through round 2 of flu-like symptoms. 185 more words

Pain In The Uterus

Date: 4dt3dt

Side effects: Lots of cramps, constipation, vivid dreams, tired, very slight headache, boobs not hurting

Considering being oncall, I got a decent amount of sleep (6 hours). 115 more words

More about Balance! A doterra essential oil


If you have any questions feel free to contact me I would be happy to help.

Fibroids Also called: uterina myoma

Noncancerous growths of the uterus that often appear during the childbearing years.

Symptoms include heavy menstrual bleeding, prolonged periods, and pelvic pain. In some cases, there are no symptoms. 174 more words

The Cause Thursday

.... Being A Girl Sucks Sometimes

Cramps suck,

Chocolate makes them bearable.

Parents+ Cramps + Bloating= … Periods suck

Day 10 of Gastroparesis Awareness Month — Everybody Poops (some more than others)

‪#‎GastroparesisAwarenessMonth‬ Day 10 falls on a Monday and usually Mondays are pretty crappy so I’m taking this time to talk about ‪#‎poop‬. Yup, I said it, Poop. 249 more words