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Cramping Cured by Chocolate—and banana

As I lay down after another tough crossfit workout, that all-too familiar cramping begins from my feet slowly creeping up to my calves. Now what? Reaching for a banana may not help you in this very moment, but it may certainly serve to prevent cramping if incorporated as part of your regular diet. 419 more words

Extreme Detox Version of Cabbage Soup Diet (Colon Cleanse) & (Detox)

This is a detox and colon cleansing diet not something you eat on a daily basis or serve to people as a meal. If you have a weak stomach this will cause cramping because it is a colon cleanse. 518 more words


The 2015 LA Marathon -or- An Episode of The Walking Dead

“Did you hear? LA is going to be scorching!” “Record-breaking heat expected at the LA Marathon.” “Race Officials Worry About Race Temps.” “Race Organizers Prep for Record Heat, Zombie Apocalypse, and Martian Attack.” 3,921 more words

Where Have You All Been?

To paraphrase Mark Twain, rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. Where have I been, you ask? Why, I have been on a writing sabbatical, amassing vast quantities of knowledge of all things running, nutrition, and neuroscience. 137 more words

The Cattle shall stand only!

Many decades ago, when air travel was still a novelty and not many could afford it, India’s national airline, Air India used to advertise its planes as “Your Palace in the sky.” Till that time, my scanty experiences with flying machines were restricted to few short hop flights on India’s other Government owned domestic airline, Indian Airlines, which essentially operated small aircraft. 884 more words

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The Calves and the Calve-Nots

I began switching up my runs this week from the indoor treadmill to outside running on the trail, and my runs have been sucking.  I’m taking the day off  today because I can’t afford another bad run to my psyche and confidence.   457 more words

Tea Diva: Feminini-Tea & My Superpower

Do you think you have a superpower? Well you do.

There is something to be said for womanhood whether you feel it some days or not. 520 more words

Steeped Tea