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Cramping (The Claw)

For some reason some days are tougher than others.
Today has been cramping day. Like Charlie Horses on steroids.
I have to take off my boot to apply topical meds every 4 hours it decides to claw, tears streaming, buggers running, sweat dripping, me swearing kind of events. 125 more words


Black Haw, southern sister.

Black haw. Southern sister, wise bush. You pull the tangled threads of the uterus when it is knotted and swollen with blood. You take the live wire in your hand and close your hand over it, ending the pain. 815 more words



Reproductive Health Week has been very successful during my tenure as Chairperson Pharmacy Students of Kenyatta University (KUPhSA) within which a new pact and partnership between , The Ghana Clinics and Health Unit was formed. 844 more words


Allister McCaw on Kevin Anderson, Federer, and why cramping isn't only about conditioning

Original source: http://tennisportalen.se/allistair-mccaw-kevin-andersons-success-depends-mainly-on-his-mental-strength/

Allistair McCaw is an internationally recognized leader in the field of athlete performance enhancement and with over 20 years experience, Allistair has worked with multiple Grand Slam Champions, Olympians and world class athletes in a variety of sports. 1,415 more words


This is not what I expected!

Really from the very beginning this is not what I expected. I thought we would do 3 or 4 IUI’s and get pregnant in 2013. Maybe be working on baby number 2 right now. 335 more words

"Lady parts"

DISCLAIMER: Men (if there are any that read this blog of mine that is) this may or may not have a little TMI and talk of girlie stuff with a side of CF. 880 more words