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Constipation During Pregnancy...I Have the Cure, Girls.

I promise that this is not a joke. I would never joke about constipation. I have suffered way too much to write a blog post on this subject & not give you a solution to the problem. 859 more words


Hydration and Electrolytes

I talked a little about hydration and electrolytes in my Muscle Cramping post, and maybe the order of the blogs may seem reversed, but they’re both important and muscle cramping is a good reason to start looking at hydration, right? 1,609 more words


Braxton Hicks vs True Labor Contractions

Every pregnant woman probably wonders about this at least a few times during their third trimester. Are these Braxton Hicks, or am I really going into labor??? 1,004 more words


Monday 9th October : lead up to embryo transfer

I’m on the train to work following our scan. Apparently the womb lining should be over 6mm and mine is 6.2. Get in! She also said “it all looks beautiful” which obviously made me happy. 135 more words


The Danger of Low Progesterone Levels in Early Pregnancy

One of the scariest things that often occurs in early pregnancy is spotting.  Any amount of blood, any color of blood or discharge draws concern to a new mother.  1,019 more words


Busting Myths About Cramping

The VeloNews Fast Talk podcast is your source for the best advice and most interesting insight on what it takes to become a better cyclist. 59 more words

Coping with a life long condition...

Happy Sunday!

If you know me, you may have seen me throwing the phrases ‘UC’ or ‘IBD’ around for the last few years but I doubt most people have any idea what I’m on about. 457 more words