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Understanding Visceral Osteopathy

There are numerous forms of osteopathic treatment; cranial osteopathy is arguably the most common and well-known method, but equally as important is the practice of visceral osteopathy. 203 more words


The Links between Wearing High Heeled Shoes and Chronic Pain

For most women, high heeled shoes are an important part of their wardrobe. They can help to give you a boost of confidence and in some professions, high heels must be worn as part of a workplace uniform or dress code. 621 more words


Osteopathic Medicine: Working With Your Body to Heal Itself

As readers of my blog know, I’m an osteopathic physician (DO), and proud of it. This philosophy of medical practice began in the late 1800’s as a new idea of how to treat certain conditions without using harmful drugs or surgery. 409 more words


Should you use complementary therapies, after CSF pressure is reduced?

After surgery or when CSF pressure is apparently successfully reduced by drugs, headaches may still occur.

These can be very debilitating and may need to be treated with combinations of various painkillers. 102 more words


What Is Visceral Osteopathy And Its Place In The Modern Medical Field?

Osteopathy is gradually finding its place amongst modern medicine. Still there are many physicians who hesitate implementing the osteopathy in Melbourne.Osteopathy is a method of diagnosis and treatment than can provide relief for conditions such as headaches, sport injuries, back pain, disc and muscular problems. 110 more words


Scared New Mum.

Welcome to the first in SurreyKitchens new series ‘Scared New Mum.’  Apologies again for the delay in this post but as anyone with children will know the first six weeks in a new babies life are extremely busy for the parents. 648 more words


Calling all osteopaths - Ignore research at your peril

I received in my inbox today a message from the lovely Georgina Leelodharry.  She was reminding members of iO to make no unfounded claims for our treatments.  1,498 more words