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3 Things You Might Not Know About Osteopathy

1)  In 1993 the Osteopaths Act was passed giving Osteopaths state recognition and the same responsibility for patients as doctors and dentists.
2) Osteopathy is the oldest form of manual therapy… 86 more words

Tackling misleading information about osteopathy

A lot of the information available online about osteopathy is misleading and includes claims to treat conditions for which there is no good evidence of effectiveness. 606 more words


How do we explain what we do? More from one of osteopathy's foremost thinkers, Professor Stephen Tyreman

As the comments following Professor Tyreman’ s recent blog swirled higher and higher above my head, I ceased trying to understand them.  However I have been roused from intellectual torpor by this piece, which is a follow on and clarification of that first one.  2,568 more words


Misleading claims in osteopathy: A systemic problem

Some osteopaths claim that they are able to treat a wide range of health conditions ranging from infantile colic to asthma to cerebral palsy and many others. 703 more words


Osteopathy and chiropractic are holistic … or are they?

Many osteopaths and chiropractors claim that their treatment approach is more holistic than conventional medical treatment and that this therefore makes it “better”. Firstly, this makes the assumption that conventional medicine is not holistic. 407 more words


A philosophical conundrum at the heart of the cranial debate: as explained by Professor Stephen Tyreman

I’m most grateful to have been sent the following essay by Stephen Tyreman, which is a slightly modified version of his response to Monica Noy’s piece on “Cognitive Dissonance” 3,372 more words


NICE guidelines for low back pain and sciatica: a clarification

The recently published NICE guidelines for low back pain and sciatica are clear and unambiguous. However, they seem to have been misinterpreted by some people. One area where this has happened is the part about manual therapy. 598 more words