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“The wandering nerve

The vagus nerve starts in the brainstem, just behind the ears. It travels down each side of the neck, across the chest and down through the abdomen. 368 more words


Paediatric Osteopathy


The gentlest and non manipulative of techniques commonly known as cranial osteopathy, is especially suitable for treating babies and younger children, including the new born. 99 more words

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The Dangers of Repeat Concussion

In our last two posts we talked about how common concussions are.  Unfortunately repeat concussion are also quite common.  In his landmark study of concussions in NCAA football players Kevin Guskiewicz reported that 6.5% of players reported repeat concussions within the same season.   1,472 more words


"Detoxing For Brain Health - New Research Findings: CranioSacral Therapy Improves Glymphatic Cleansing of Brain Tissue", By Carolyn Simon

“CranioSacral Therapy Enhances Glymphatic Cleansing
Although glymphatic cleansing is a newly identified process, the concept of a stronger fluid motion through the brain is not new. 241 more words


Management of Concusssion

In our last post we discussed the basic science of concussion.  In this post we’ll discuss some of the current ways that concussion is diagnosed.  We’ll also discuss some of the ways players with sports concussions are treated. 922 more words