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Fifty Shades of Grey

My hand felt like it was shaking, sweat was beginning to bead on my forehead, and my eyes were beginning to go cross as I stared at what seemed like fifty shades of static grey. 579 more words


Surface Anatomy of The Head

Head (cranial) is one of the most important part of us. So it must be learned systematically. First, we should learn it from the surface anatomy method. 285 more words

Surface Anatomy

5 tops tips to create safety and resilience in the body: working with the social engagement system

Creating safety and resilience in the body

by developing a healthy social engagement system

with 5 top tips to practice

My heart pounded, sweat dripped into my already sticky palms, my face felt on fire. 799 more words

Vagus nerve - Cranial Nerve X - CNX - Cranial Osteopathy

“The wandering nerve

The vagus nerve starts in the brainstem, just behind the ears. It travels down each side of the neck, across the chest and down through the abdomen. 368 more words


Paediatric Osteopathy


The gentlest and non manipulative of techniques commonly known as cranial osteopathy, is especially suitable for treating babies and younger children, including the new born. 99 more words

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