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The Shock Of Finding Out My Autistic Son Has A Brain Tumour

Two months ago I took my non verbal ten year old for a routine MRI under general anaesthetic. It was his fourth one in two years and we all knew the routine. 1,243 more words


My Ponytail

I wore my hair in a ponytail the other day. A ponytail! While this may be an everyday occurrence for some people, it was a major milestone for me. 396 more words


Physical appearance is exactly that; an appearance. And, appearances can be deceiving, especially when there is so much that lies beneath the surface.

Many conditions that are completely invisible to those not experiencing them first-hand. 685 more words

My Brain surgery Story and The Path to Healing Spiritually

Its taken me 7 months to complete this post, coming back and forth to it on a numerous of occasions. Wanting it to leave it dead and again bringing it to life. 12,544 more words


3 more sleeps!!!

I can’t believe I’m about to hit 1 year sober!!! This Friday I’ll be celebrating a year of sobriety and it bloomin rocks!

I’ve become a different person in the last few months, and I’ve soldiered on through some serious shit. 658 more words

Craniotomy Me... Again

When I woke up from my first craniotomy, I felt so alive! I had a waiting room full of people who loved me, and a full understanding of everything that was happening. 878 more words

Sam's Story

My Single Sided Deafness came about after surgery to remove an acoustic neuroma.

I woke up from a craniotomy in ICU and found I was “hearing” buzzing noises but I was not sure where they were coming from, also people were talking but I could not quite make every syllable out. 297 more words

Understanding Hearing Loss