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Daily Prompt [Miraculous]

While I get caught in some deep depression most days, I know there are many miracles in my life.  I could dedicate an entire blog… 33 more words


So this is what you meant - when you said that you were spent? Surgery

Brain surgery alias craniotomy – check. Not the accomplishment I ever wanted to add to my list but here we are. I have never had any surgery in my life and stayed in hospital exactly 3x – for each of my baby deliveries – so to say that this was a new experience is an understatement – and I sure shot for the star surgery to start with, didn’t I? 1,248 more words


Brain Surgery, not what I expected...

November 4, 2016 came around and I was in the hospital at 5:30 a.m. getting prepared for my craniotomy to remove the AVM in the left temporal lobe of my brain.  787 more words

Arteriovenous Malformation

Gratitude - To those that have kept me here...

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When you have health problems, you realize you need help.  It comes from doctors, nurses, hospital staff, family and friends.  Some problems are easily taken care of, but there are others that never go a way.  241 more words

Arteriovenous Malformation


My eyes still well up when I remember my oncologist entering the exam room on Wednesday. He walked in holding a print copy of my MRI report. 455 more words

Brain Tumor

Where to start...

I just keep thinking about what I want to say and make this to be about.  My AVM was discovered a year ago and my craniotomy was done in November 2016.  706 more words

Arteriovenous Malformation

Hello and Why I Am Here...

Hello to anyone out there that gives this a read.  If you have ever had a “rare disease” you  might find yourself in the same position I am in.  319 more words

Arteriovenous Malformation