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It's Frankensteen...

Day of Surgery, Tuesday, February 5th

Awake before 2:45 am alarm (Scot was already up for over an hour). Showered and hit the road right on time at 3:30 am. 1,866 more words

23 Days

I was fresh out of the hospital, newly diagnosed with NF2 and an emotional trainwreck. One minute I was elated to sleep in my own bed and not be poked for blood at 4am, the next I was frustrated from being in pain, and afraid of having more seizures. 786 more words

Day 1

My issue with driving are similar to my issues of everyday life, but for now, I’m focusing on just what it will take for me to drive with more confidence again. 1,033 more words

From the Archives: What Inspired Up off the Mat?

The following is part one of a three-year old story from my old blog. Why is it my “old blog,” you ask? I have spent much of the past three years following a major health scare redefining who I am as a person, a mother and as a writer. 344 more words

11-28-18 | Home Again

Derek spent a full two weeks in the Neuro Trauma Rehabilitation Center.  He learned how to walk again, re-learned how to recall from his memory, remembered how to use his fine motor skills.  260 more words

Our Journey

11|19|18 - Cognitive Delays

You know the little things you do every single day that we take for granted?  Nope. I didn’t either until I was sitting watching my husband struggle to do those very things.  1,052 more words

Our Journey

In Sickness and In Health

There is a nasty bug traveling around in my neck of the woods and, for the first time in several years, I caught it. After twelve days of soothing my fever, snot, and persistent irritability, my boyfriend began began developing symptoms. 521 more words