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Husband in Hospital: Doing Mumlife Solo


Sitting here writing this entry, my house is a mess because there’s so much I need to do. Miss Rylee is asleep; the boys are at school so the house is eerily quiet.  824 more words


My first awake craniotomy

Made me cry, quickly and quietly. I held her warm hand and I would not look away.

I saw a brain, inside a skull, inside a scalp, inside a person. 933 more words


Better Mullet than Dead!

It’s a little fuzzy. My head, that is. Not the word recall or short-term memory kind of fuzzy. That, thankfully, has all but resolved. No, I’m talking about my hair. 323 more words

The Frustration Of Epilepsy...

Do you know what Epilepsy is? I thought I had an idea. I assumed people were born with it. They fell down to the ground, had a seizure and then they got up and went back to things after it was done. 877 more words


Stepping Out Of The Comfort Zone...

I did something I have not done on my own in a year. I went into a store by myself. I had not been able to drive because of seizures, but I finally went six months seizure free. 641 more words


Anxiety And Your Health...

How do you get over anxiety after major health issues?

I have always been an anxious person. I always say I am an introvert. Being around friends and family, going out places is always fun, but then I need my alone time. 978 more words


Remembering That My Memory Doesn't Always Work Right...

On November 3rd, 2016 I could remember anything, or at least anything I needed to remember. I had worked for a company for twenty years, an accountant for eighteen of those years. 796 more words