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Remembering That My Memory Doesn't Always Work Right...

On November 3rd, 2016 I could remember anything, or at least anything I needed to remember. I had worked for a company for twenty years, an accountant for eighteen of those years. 796 more words


My Hole(s) In the Head

Ever since my brain surgery, I’ve been pretty much “holed up” (okay, I couldn’t help myself) in the house. The first few weeks were no time to venture out, what with significant pain and narcotics on board. 1,523 more words

Epilepsy After Brain Surgery...

When I had my first seizure, I questioned what had happened. I was home alone, out on a riding mower when I first realized something was happening. 1,423 more words


Aphasia After Brain Surgery...

Having an awake craniotomy is a scary thing to go through. What comes after is just as scary. My AVM(Arteriovenous Malformation) had been removed from the left temporal lobe area of my brain and I was on the road to recovery. 1,299 more words


The Reality Of Recovering After Brain Surgery...

I kind of remember being rolled into my room in the ICU after my craniotomy. There was just a bit of a fog. I knew what was happening, but I was just not totally there. 832 more words


Brain Surgery, Not What I Expected...

I have had several surgeries over the years, so I thought I knew what was coming when I was told I should have surgery to remove an AVM(Arteriovenous Malformation) from my brain. 712 more words


Trying This Blogging Thing Again...

I started this blog at least a year ago. I wrote a few posts, then I deleted them. I wrote some more and deleted them again. 440 more words