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Husband in Hospital: Doing Mumlife Solo


Sitting here writing this entry, my house is a mess because there’s so much I need to do. Miss Rylee is asleep; the boys are at school so the house is eerily quiet.  824 more words


My first awake craniotomy

Made me cry, quickly and quietly. I held her warm hand and I would not look away.

I saw a brain, inside a skull, inside a scalp, inside a person. 933 more words

Better Mullet than Dead!

It’s a little fuzzy. My head, that is. Not the word recall or short-term memory kind of fuzzy. That, thankfully, has all but resolved. No, I’m talking about my hair. 323 more words

My Hole(s) In the Head

Ever since my brain surgery, I’ve been pretty much “holed up” (okay, I couldn’t help myself) in the house. The first few weeks were no time to venture out, what with significant pain and narcotics on board. 1,523 more words

Past Present Future

I long for the day when July 27 will be just like any other day.

Not today. I’m not there yet.


The legacy of Hephaestus: the first craniotomy

Here we present the ‘Abstract‘ of the corresponding paper by Brasiliense LB, Safavi-Abbasi S, Crawford NR, Spetzler RF, Theodore N. 141 more words


Daily Prompt [Complication]

I could write about the complications of my brain surgery, or hysterectomy.  Or…any other thing in my life.

But I don’t want to focus on that this morning. 140 more words