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Craniotomy Me... Again

When I woke up from my first craniotomy, I felt so alive! I had a waiting room full of people who loved me, and a full understanding of everything that was happening. 878 more words

Sam's Story

My Single Sided Deafness came about after surgery to remove an acoustic neuroma.

I woke up from a craniotomy in ICU and found I was “hearing” buzzing noises but I was not sure where they were coming from, also people were talking but I could not quite make every syllable out. 297 more words

Understanding Hearing Loss


Surviving is more than your heart beating in your chest, the breath in your lungs and a functioning brain. It means choosing to see beauty through ugliness, and finding hope on the bad days. 897 more words

Two Miracles

Leaving the hospital after having my first craniotomy was very similar to leaving the hospital after having my first child. I was terrified; I was in pain; I had a new incision (rather than a new baby); and I had no idea how to take care of it. 1,088 more words

I am alive.

Is the baby crying? I opened my eyes. Why is it so bright? I closed my eyes. Shuffling noises. Pain. No, that is not a noise that either of our children make. 930 more words

What, like it’s brain surgery?

As humans, we have a natural tendency to try to fix things that are broken. The problem with an incurable illness is that it cannot be fixed. 1,002 more words

It's Frankensteen...

Day of Surgery, Tuesday, February 5th

Awake before 2:45 am alarm (Scot was already up for over an hour). Showered and hit the road right on time at 3:30 am. 1,896 more words