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10+ Pound Double with a Giant Bass!

Nobody would’ve ever believed this happened without the GoPro video LOL!

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What's up Wednesday? - A week in review

I apologize for not posting in a while…I just recently got a second job and have been working almost 45 hours a week….

In my busy schedule, I have found some time to go fish for a couple hours here and there. 152 more words


Fishing is a part time activity that keeps you occupied and sometimes it can be considered as a sport too. Fishing can be more fun only if you see success and it is not easy to go fishing without any basic knowledge. 396 more words


Junk Fishing

There are going to be days where you cannot figure out the bite or the fish are in all sorts of different patterns…there are days where the fish are shallow feeding on crawdads by structure while others are mid-depth on shad while others are deep on drop offs or rocks. 300 more words

Kentucky Lake

By: Sam Sobieck

The trip to Kentucky Lake with my partner Connor Graham and other University of Wisconsin Stevens Point teammates was much more than a couple of tournaments. 839 more words

Fishing Reports

What's up Wednesday - Diamond Valley Tournament

This weekend was the California Bass Contenders tournament at Diamond Valley Lake. Conditions were set for a good pre-spawn (and even spawn) bite.

We got to the lake early (5:00) but they wouldn’t let us in until 6:30. 417 more words

What's up Wednesday? - Lake Perris Tournament

On Saturday, I was in a tournament for the California Bass Contenders at Lake Perris. Conditions were tough with 15-30mph winds but still warm overall. 441 more words